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Cadillac CUE Touch Panel Replacement Service Fix Only. This Is Not A Physical Unit, This Is A Service Repair. If touch is unresponsive on your CUE unit or you have dead spots on display this is the solution. This fix is for touch issue, touch will work after this repair just as it should whether it’s hardware and or software failure, touch will be working 100%If you have any other issues with your CUE system let us know we may be able to help, I specialize on the Cadillac CUE system. INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW THIS REPAIR WORKS1. Purchase2. Once you purchase I will instantly send you the address in which to ship to via eBay message.3. Ship! You’re in charge of paying for the sending shipping cost.4. Wait patiently for your unit to arrive fixed and good as new. All units are repaired and shipped within 24 hours of receiving! Why purchase from us? We have fixed over 1,000 units and hold 100% customer satisfaction. We use NEW and improved OEM Quality parts and screens that do not have any issues or prone to give out, why go to the dealership just to loose $1,400+ on a new defective unit that is prone to brake and give you a screen problem just like your old unit. Think smart and make the right choice the first time!WE DO NOT USE CHEAP KNOCK OFF SCREENS LIKE EVERY OTHER SELLER ON THE INTERNET , we only use NEW and improved OEM Original durable quality screens and insure our work with a 2 year warranty.Every unit gets tested several times before we return it to assure it has been 100% fixed! buy with confidence!Save big with this service! I’ve had customers buy the screen to get it installed they spend $100+ on a screen then have it installed by local stereo shop, local stereo shop wants to charge $300+ to install without any warranty. Make the right choice the first time! You can also reach us at 5596975688 text ok * I will fix the unit the same day it arrives and ship it back next business day * 24 hour turn around time, shipping from California.I do not ship back to any other address other than whats set on your eBay/ PayPal account and needs to be verified! Do not ask for me to ship to any other address. If your unit has already been tempered with please let me know! Let me know of any other issues you might have before shipping I still may be able to fix since I have every CUE part. This is a fix service only. Not a whole new replacement unit, You will be in charge of shipping me the cue system at your own expense and I will be in charge of return shipping. Common questions:Q: Can I drive my car without the radio?A: Yes, you can drive your car without the radio. (whatever ac/heat preset you last left will remain even with stereo uninstalled.)Q: Does my stereo need to be re-programmed by dealership?A: No! I only fix your stereo I do not swap with another working unit therefore no programming is required everything is plug and play. If you have any questions please message me! 2 year warranty!!Buy with confidence, long term member and trusted seller for over 10 years. OEM Factory touch screen Digitizer navigation for GM Cadillac CUE SRX CTS CTS-V ATS ATS-V XTS Escalade Platinum EXT ESV ELR Service is for all CUE models below: 2013-2019 Cadillac ATS 2015-2020 Cadillac Escalade 2013-2016 Cadillac SRX 2013-2020 Cadillac XTS 2013-2019 Cadillac CTS CTS-V 2013-2016 Cadillac ELR NOTE: (each unit has a unique serial number to identify unit)Warranty is voided if opened.

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