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1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible For Sale
1969 Mercury Cougar  with  interior

1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible

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Car make & model: Mercury Cougar
Year: 1969
Exterior color: Condition:
Interior color: Engine: 351 Windsor
Transmission: Automatic Mileage:
Drivetrain: Fuel Type:
Airbags: Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Extended Warranty Quote
VIN# 9F94M533710
Vehicle History Report
Documentation: Mercury Cougar
Owners Manual, Service Manual

Shipping: Auto Transport Quote Price: $19,999

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Very clean 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible with Factory A/C. I purchased this car in 2007 from John at Cascade Classics, a dealer in car parts and car restoration for 67-73 Cougars in the state of Washington. At the time the odometer had 120,590 miles on it. It now has 122,589. That’s right, I’ve only driven it 2,000 miles in less than 11 years, mainly due to illnesses since I’ve owned it. It has been mechanically maintained throughout my ownership with many needs taken care of. I have receipts dating back from 1985 for all work done on this super car. Due to illnesses, it’s time I give up my goal of doing a full restoration and allow someone else to continue to improve this beauty.
While it is not anywhere near a show car, it is a super nice solid driver. It’s solid as a rock, drives and looks nice. It does have its fair share of nicks and chips and one small dent on the trunk (my daughter dropped a kids plastic bed rail and it hit the trunk, should pop out easily). There is also a newly acquired crack in the windshield. The paint is presentable and with a good buffing would shine up nicely.
Below is a description as best as I can describe as to the condition of the major components of the car. I will try to describe it as honestly as I can erroring on the side of negative so hopefully the buyer will be pleasantly surprised at the condition when they see it.
The body on this car is rock solid. There’s a couple of bubbles behind the drivers side rear wheel, it appears to be from bad prep work during a repainting about 20 years ago. There are numerous chips in the paint, the biggest is on the left rear quarter where it looks like something scratched and chipped the paint (not dented). There are also chips where the hood meets the fenders. There is a dent on the trunk where a child’s plastic bed rail fell from the rafters in the garage and hit the trunk of the car. The drivers door has some cracks in the paint. Crack in the windshield. All exterior chrome is in nice shape. Front grill not cracked or pitted.
The white convertible top was brand new when I purchased the car but has some staining on it as some oil dripped on it from a vehicle above it on a vehicle transport during shipping to my current home in Florida. It has a plastic window versus glass. The top itself is still in great working condition.
The wheels are chrome magnums. The center caps on two of the wheels have fallen off and need to be put back on. I have them. The tires are probably around 70% tread left.
The headlights open if the car sits more than a few weeks without being started so there must be a slow leak in the vacuum line somewhere.
The interior is in excellent condition for being almost 50 years old. The front seats were recovered by a previous owner in 1988 in original leather. They did a great job as they match perfectly the door panels and back seat. Carpet is nice but faded in some areas. The dash is in great shape with no cracks. The door panels are nice but someone prior did put in a few screws in the bottom of the drivers door. Door pulls are cracked. All gauges work as does the AM/FM radio (out of a later model). The original speakers work.
The clock is completely restored and was bench tested as working. I had it installed a few years ago but the wiring harness was bad so it needs a new wiring harness for the clock to work in the car.
The steering wheel. When I purchased the car it had an old racing type wheel installed that wasn’t correct. After a few years I found the correct rim blow color matching wheel at a yard that was parting out a vermillion red 1969 Cougar. It was a dilapidated piece of junk when I purchased it on eBay for $400 in an auction. I then sent it off for a full restore, at a cost of another $750. The cost of restoration! It turned out beautiful but during installation of it onto the steering column a small hairline crack formed in the restored wood on the wheel but is an easy fix with a little wood putty.
Had new sequential turn signal switch installed about a year ago so the turn signals work as they should.
Engine and transmission are the numbers matching original. The engine runs real strong. Transmission shifts nice and crisp. There’s a few leaks underneath as can be expected but nothing major. It has an Edelbrock Performer Intake and new carb installed about a year ago. Cobra Valve covers.
New water pump and belts installed. The compressor runs freely. I’m assuming it’s low on Freon as I haven’t used the AC.
Had new recored radiator installed about two years ago.
No rust under this car at all. It’s a little greasy but with a good steam cleaning should clean up nicely. No damaged frame rails or dents. It has a newer exhaust system that sounds great!
The best part of this car is how solid it is and everything is there for anyone wanting to do a full restoration. Or..., if you just want a solid driver that gets attention everywhere it goes, this is the one. If I wasnt sick the last 5 years since I retired, I would have done all the work and keep the car for my enjoyment.
As a side note. I originally paid $17,500 for my Cougar in 2007. Since then I have put approximately another $6,000 into it between the new restored steering wheel, restored clock, water pump, belts etc, radiator, new carburetor, fuel line, and so on. I purchased this beautiful car in 2007 from John, the owner of Cascade Classics in the state of Washington. His business sells 67-73 Cougar parts and does complete restorations and repairs of them. This car was one of his personal Cougars that he intended to restore but ended up having too many and not enough time to do it. This car is the one for someone wanting a strong solid 1969 Mercury Cougar to build on. There aren’t many of them out there like this one that you don’t have to worry about if you’re wanting something solid to build around.
Feel free to message me and I’ll try to answer any questions you might have. I’m not a mechanic and barely know how to change oil so I may not be that much help for answers but I’ll try. I just enjoy the beauty of the old school Cougars.
Also, if you are close enough or want to be sure before purchasing, contact me so you can arrange to view the vehicle yourself before purchase. Sometimes seeing in person gives a better indication of the true condition of this vehicle. Once purchased or best offer is accepted, there will be no return accepted.

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