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1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 (351 Windsor) For Sale
1969 Mercury Cougar  with  interior

1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 (351 Windsor)

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Car make & model: Mercury Cougar
Year: 1969
Exterior color: Condition:
Interior color: Engine: 351
Transmission: Automatic Mileage:
Drivetrain: Fuel Type:
Airbags: Warranty:
Extended Warranty Quote
VIN# 9F93M577967
Vehicle History Report
Documentation: Mercury Cougar
Owners Manual, Service Manual

Shipping: Auto Transport Quote Price: $11,555

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I have a love for vintage cars and own a few. One of my prize pick ups was this 1969 Mercury Cougar that runs perfect. Unfortunately the mistake I made was entrusting someone with my hard earned money and cars. To this day I have put out enough money to have my car complete. The Cougar was completely original when I purchased it other than the paint. The original paint code was a cream color and the seats were reupholstered just before I purchased it with an amazing two-toned coloring. Therefore I simply did the same with the paint in a black and cream two-tone. The original bumpers were stolen by the guy that was supposse to chroming them, at least that what the mechanic claims that was restoring the car. Needless to say its time to cut all my loses.All that is needed is a couple of emblems, new rims and bumpers and trust me you will win many shows with this classic.
The Goods: The paint and body is clean. There is no rust. The cars drives like true muscle with no problems at all.
The bad: my bumper were stolen and one emblem is missing..... But lets be real, If I wanted to buy these items I can but I refuse to be cheated out of my money any longer! Long story!
Funny I've had someone inbox with internet chatter and let's be clear: I am not stating that this is an Eliminator, just saying that I put some Eliminator parts on the vehicle. The paint is obviously custom yet the car is extremely clean to say the least. Thanks for the comments good and bad!

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