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1976 - 1979 Cadillac Eldorado Seville EFI COOLANT TEMP SENSOR Replaces 1609968 For Sale

1976 - 1979 Cadillac Eldorado Seville EFI COOLANT TEMP SENSOR Replaces 1609968

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Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 Cadillac EFI Air - Coolant Temperature Sensor replaces GM 1609968 /AC Delco 213-188 / EL31 Hewitt Industries PN 021-104 / Bendix 1181447 I have seen other eBay listings where these are referred to as MAP sensors (*See note below regarding 1975 and early 1976 Cadillacs using originally using PN 1606011 with flat blade connection) This is a replacement for GM PN 1609968 also known as AC Delco PN 213-188 and Bendix PN 1181447. Two sensors are used per car; one for the coolant and one for the intake air. Both are threaded into or near the intake manifold. This offer is for one replacement sensor with the original style OEM connector. I tried to sift through the applications to the best of my knowledge. You should verify your application. In 1980 these were only used on the 5.7L (350 cubic inch with California emissions option CA only). If you have a 1976 to 1979 Cadillac and it has fuel injection this should be the correct sensor. For 1976 early cars the OEM connector may be different (see additional detail below). I have not been able to confirm if the same PN was used on the diesel 5.7L for a similar function. The note in the GM parts manual lists 1980 as “ALL (350-8)” I own one of these cars myself. If the coolant temperature sensor goes bad you will have issues with cold starting. I researched the sensors and I replaced the original sensing device with a modern alternative with the intent of improving the durability. Electronically the resistance curves follow extremely closely in the most critical temperature range. The wire is GXL multi-strand all Copper wiring (not Copper clad Aluminum). The sensor housing has been upgraded, with my version 2, to one piece brass (original photos show my earlier design two-piece with separate brass housing and brazed brass bulb). Efforts have been made to allow the internal sensing element to maintain thermal freedom. My original is shown for reference only in some of the photos (Not being sold as part of this offer). You will receive the new replacement parts as shown which includes the following: -Sensor "plug-and-play" direct replacement (1 pc which includes the assembled housing, wire, OEM plug and terminals assembled) The sensor which this replaces is known by several PNs and names depending on the seller and manufacturer. Some names/ PNs include: EL31 Hewitt Industries PN 021-104 GM 1609968 AC Delco 213-188 Bendix 1181447 This is a new replacement but it is not NOS This sensor varies in resistance based on temperature. There is no + / - so you can connect either original wire to either terminal of the replacement. You can also test your sensor prior to even removing it. There are some rare cases where the sensor is good but the terminals on the ECU have some corrosion preventing the ECU from getting a signal. I encourage you to test your sensors before you buy a replacement. The wiring harness side mating connector is often brittle after years of service. I do offer an OEM mating connector assembled with terminals (see my other listing). *Note: These will also work on the 1975 and early 1976 Cadillac EFI cars, which used sensor PN 1606011, but for the 1975/ early 1976 (see below) you would need to update/change the wiring harness side connector as well (or splice in the new sensor before the factory connection). The sensing part of the sensor is the same in 1975/early ‘76 but Cadillac used a rectangular plug with flat blade terminals instead of the round one pictured. If you check my listings I have the mating connectors needed for the conversion available. My understanding is GM moved to the round connector because they were better at preventing moisture from getting inside the connection (under hood moisture had the potential for corroding the terminals). If you have a 1975 or early ’76 with the flat blade style connector PN 1606011 I and maintaining the original connection is important to you I can very likely move your original connector to a new sensor (avoids splicing). If you prefer that option please contact me before buying. You would need to send your original to me first. If you prefer a more updated Weatherpack connector I also have them available to adapt the car to a Weather-pack connector. Please ask about this option before buying. According to the GM parts manual the applications using the older 1975-76 version versus general 1976 and newer PN are defined below. There was also an “Adapter” GM PN 1605641. I suspect that allowed the newer 1609968 work directly on the older ’75-early ’76 cars without changing the wiring harness side connector. 1606011: Used on 76 K on cars before VIN 480001 1609968: Used on 76 K on cars after VIN 480000 1609968: Used on 76-77 C,E (Also see note** below) 1609968: Used on 77 K W/EFI 1609968: Used on 78-79 ALL series W/EFI 1609968: Used on ALL series W/EFI (350-8) **PN 1606011 was possibly used on early 76 “C” and “E” cars. Take a look at the connector on your particular vehicle. The sensor and brass sensing end is the same thread for both versions. Only the electrical connector is different. Most of the key components are made in the USA including the brass housing, the electrical connector and the wire. The assemblies are built and designed in the USA. Eldorado Biarritz Seville Sedan DeVille Coupe Brougham 76 77 78 79 80 See Note* for 75 early 1976 and 1980

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