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78-88 GBody INTERIOR DYE PAINT for plastic metal vinyl Spray Can COLOR CHOICE ea For Sale
78-88 GBody INTERIOR DYE PAINT for plastic metal vinyl Spray Can COLOR CHOICE ea

78-88 GBody INTERIOR DYE PAINT for plastic metal vinyl Spray Can COLOR CHOICE ea

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1978 - 1988 A/G Body
Color Matched INTERIOR PAINTPick Your Color Choice & Options Above(See the Color Code Chart in the Picture Gallery for Year Specific Colors)
  • New Correct Color Interior Paint.
  • Specially Mixed & Formulatedfor
  • Each Spray Can is 12 Oz.
  • We went to great lengths to get an exact match by using low mileage cars for their interior colors.
  • We will not guarantee this as a 100% match.
    • The chemicals are not the same as they were 20 years ago.
    • We feel it is a close 99% match.
  • We do have several OEM interior colors - Look at the color chart in the picture gallery!
    • (1985-1987 Grand National owners, your color code is 1598)
  • The pictures of painted components give a good representation of the color but depending on your device display settings it may or may not look correct to you
    • More Pictures to follow soon!
  • This paint will work on Plastic, Metal & Vinyl
  • We recommendedusing the adhesion promoter for any Vinyl / Plastic applications along with using our Top Satin Clear Coat to help prevent fading from UV light along with extending the life of the top surface from normal wear
  • SATIN CLEAR COAT Plastic paint interior paint is Flexible, Durable & UV Resistant.
    • This can be used on existing plastic (after the adhesion promoter is applied) to give a fresh look to your original colored or previouslypainted components.
    • Our Clear dries in 45 seconds to the touch! We have used many clears that turn a milky white or seem to take 20 minutes before it dries.
  • ADHESION PROMOTER is used to help the surface on Vinyl / Plastic open up so that the colored paint/dye (or satin clear only) can stick to the product without Flaking Off or Peeling up or Cracking.

  • It is important to have any surface to be painted super clean and clear of lint, dirt & other chemicals (like armor all).
    • A wax & grease remover is highly recommended.

  • TIPS:
    • While the quality of the paint is great & dries to the touch in 45 seconds you have to make sure it has the best possible coating for Long Lasting Results.
    • Shoot a light but fully covered coat of adhesion promoter on & let set.
    • Once it dries, you are now ready to shoot your colored paint using a light but fully covered coats. Depending on the color of the part being painted, several coats might be required to achieve the depth of color needed.
    • After that dries, a couple coats of the protective satin clear if desired.
      • Although not required, we definitelyrecommendedmultiple coats of Satin Clear Coat on high wear items like Arm Rests, Pull Straps, Console Lids, Shifter Handles etc.

General Color Guide:
1589 Grey: T-type, Monte Carlo SS, & 442

1590 Black:

1591 Burgundy: Monte Carlo SS, El Camino, T-type, Turbo T, & Cutlass

1592 Slate Grey: 82-84 Regal & Cutlass

1593 Red:

1594 Sage Green:

1595 Sand Color Grey:82-84 Regal (84 Grand National) & Cutlass

1596 Tan: T-Type, Turbo T, Monte Carlo SS, & Cutlass

1597 Medium Blue: 82-85 Monte Carlo SS, Malibu, Cutlass & T-Type

1598 Medium Dark Grey: 85-87 Grand National

1599 Dark Blue: Turbo T, T-Type, Cutlass, & El Camino

1600 Maple Red: H/O 83-84

1601 Dark Saddle: T-Type, & Turbo T

1623 Brown:

1624 Adriatic Blue: 84 and Older
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