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Musclecar News: WebTV Users Read here.....

Monday May 13, 2002 @ 08:57pm
WebTV Users Read here..... by muscleadmin

Update: I've fixed it, I've found a site with the necessary information floating on it, and I've set the site to not cache our images and data here. We have WebTV support to thank for this. :) I've been getting quite a lot of email from WebTV users. Apparently what is happening is that WebTV is using transparent proxies to assist with web browsing, and these proxies won't show the images here on the site properly. I am unable to fix this from my end, I will email webTV and ask that they stop caching this site, but I very much doubt they will listen to me. If you could email them and ask that they fix this, I'd apprecaite it. I've put in a call to WebTV, and we will see if they have anything additional to add. -Bob Myers Site Admin