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C3 Corvette 68-82 Electric headlight motor conversion kit / 3 wire harness For Sale
 C3 Corvette 68-82 Electric headlight motor conversion kit / 3 wire harness

C3 Corvette 68-82 Electric headlight motor conversion kit / 3 wire harness:

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VETTE LIGHTS 3.0 BY manufactured by Catheadlights.The 2nd easiest kit to install on the market...behind our plug and play kits!68-82 C3 CORVETTE
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68-82 C3 Corvette headlight motor conversion kits.
2yr warranty on refurbished motor kits.
Electric headlight opener conversion kit for 68-82 C3 Corvettes designed by Catheadlights.The kit consists of new, Catheadlights exclusive design,CNC laser cut mounts that bolt to the factory vacuum actuator position, no drilling required,complete with refurbished Ford or Mazda motors that have been tapped and use button head bolts to secure them to the mount.
No unreliable motors to replace or expensive electronics
Unlike kits that use linear actuators, our kits use motors that can be opened manually .
The kit is complete and ready to bolt in using GM styleblack fender bolts with washersand works with Air Conditioned and NON-Air Conditioned cars.
The mounts require a small notch to be cut, as shown in the pics, but the Catheadlights mount completely covers it, making installation look factory, and also strengthening the headlight system.
The kitcomes completely put together, once you make the cut, bolt in the kit, attach and simply adjust the CUSTOM aluminum arms(work like a turn buckle) and the springs, you are ready to plug in the
Included is a simple Bosche style relay wiring harness,the harnessis a three wire connection. Power,ground and trigger wire.This wiring harness is recommended for floor mounted dimmer switch Vettes only(68-76), because of the difficulty to connect the trigger wire on column mounted dimmer switch Vettes(77-82).
Using the dimmer switch ensures a factory opening look. Other wiring options do not allow your headlights to stay closed while your running lights are on.
Detailed instructions are included.
Check out my other 1 wire plug and play kit in my EBay store that I recommend for 77-82 Vettes, or if you prefer not to cut or splice your original wiring harness.New(NOS) motor kits
Kits without motors are also available
FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA. Check outmy seller feedback for all my headlight conversion kits.

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