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Ford 460 532 555 514 557 Stroker Marine Rebuilt Engine ALUMIUM HEAD MUSTANG For Sale
Ford 460 532 555 514 557 Stroker Marine Rebuilt Engine ALUMIUM HEAD MUSTANG

Ford 460 532 555 514 557 Stroker Marine Rebuilt Engine ALUMIUM HEAD MUSTANG:

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Hello, this auction is for a completely rebuilt 532 cubic inch big block Ford engine. This started out as a 460 Ford, it has been bored .030 oversize and stroked. If you have a car or a boat with a 460 or are planning building something with a big block Ford here is a chance to get a race ready engine at a bargin basement price. This auction is for a longblock less camshaft, lifters, pushrods, and rocker arms. New cam bearings are installed and it is ready for valvetrain of your choice. The work done to this engine is as follows:

1. Engine block has been oven cleaned, shot peenedand magnafluxed. It has no cracks, repairs, damage or sleeves.

2. After cleaning the block has been square decked,bored, and honed to.030 oversize. Both the boring and the decking is preformed in an RMC fully automatic CNC machine. This ensuresall of the cylinders and the deck surface are completely parrall to the mainjournals.During the honing process torque plates are used toelimante cylinder wall distoration and make forperfect ring sealing. Prior to assembly allthreaded holes were chased, new freeze plugs, oil galleys, and cam bearings were installed. The exterior of the block has been painted high heat black, if want a different color this black paint makes great primer!! and you can paint any color on top.

3.The crankshaftis manufactured by SCAT!!. The Scat crankshaft is acaststeel 4.300 stroke crank, this is an exellent quality crankshaft with a full .125 raidus onboth the main and connecting rod journals. Connecting rods are 4340 forged steel H beams, they are 6.800 long(good to 1200hp!!). These rods feature 7/16 cap screw bolts, and full floating wrist pins. The entire rotating assembly has beenCorrectly internal balanced. Most machine shops skip this very important step due to the increased time and cost. This engine will run smooth and have no vibration. When you assemble the motor you will need to use a 1978 and older non weighted460 Ford balancer and flywheel. The correct flywheel and balancer willnot weights(engine is

4. Pistons in the engine areWiseco forged aluminum SRS series. They areFlattop and with the heads installed on this engine theyyeild a 10.25:1 comperssion ratio. This works out great for pump gas.

5. Heads on this engine are ProComp motorsports aluminum. They are as cast ports with2.19x1.71Qual Cast Severe duty 1 piece stainless steelvalves. Heads have high flowing D shaped exhaust ports and standard 460size round intake ports. They accept standard exhaust headers and intake manifolds. The heads are completely assembled with all ProComp components, stainless steel valves, chromolly retainers, 7/16 screw in studs, and guideplates for 3/8 pushrods. Valve springs are manufactured by Pioneer, they are 1.550 diameter with 130lbs closed pressure. They will accomadate .650 lift and work well with most mechanical and hydraluic flat tappet camshafts.Heads are bolted down and torqued with a new set ofChromalloy Cyclinderstuds with 12 point nuts and washers!!

6. This engine with a 850cfm holley carburetor and a air gap intake manifold will produce 652hp and715 foot pounds of torque all on91 octane fuel!!!!

7. Will give a 200.00 discount is paid with any kind of check so I have no pay pal fees!!

This engine is ready to install valvetrain and assemble. As I have said before this would make for a great marine engine or a street torque monster. Local pickup and California residents must pay 8.225% sales tax or furnish a completed resale card for my records. If you have questions please e-mail. Thanks for looking. FREE SHIPPING IN 48 STATES!!!!

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