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1954 Studebaker Champion Commander Station Wagon Rear Nameplate-NOS Very Rare!! For Sale

1954 Studebaker Champion Commander Station Wagon Rear Nameplate-NOS Very Rare!!

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1954 Studebaker Champion Commander Station Wagon Rear Nameplate-NOS Very Rare!! This is an original New Old Stock 1954 Studebaker nameplate for the 54-55 Champion Commander Station Wagon Rear Door. It is 18 1/2 inches long by 1 1/4 inch. This is one of only a handful known to exist in New Old Stock condition! It was given to me in 1985 by my Great Uncle, Bill Fennessey, of Franklin, Tennessee. He was a legendary parts dealer in the Studebaker Community. He was the go-to guy for impossibly rare parts for four decades until his death a few years ago. He had four of these in their original boxes when he gave me this one. The box has unfortunately been misplaced over the years. I've displayed the nameplate proudly since 1985. I personally know of only one other example currently for sale and that one was also obtained from Uncle Bill. This one does have some light shelf wear and a few areas of scratched paint on the letters and a few small spots in the enamel. I haven't cleaned or polished it because it still has some of the original cosmoline grease from when it was first packaged. The back feels "greasy" for lack of a better term. The original part number is clearly visible on the reverse and the threaded studs have never been used. Many reproductions of this plate have been made over the years but it is impossible to get right. From what I understand, the process that was used to chrome and enamel the originals has been lost to time. The only way to get the perfectly correct part is to find a New Old Stock piece. I have enjoyed this piece of Studebaker History since I was 12. I believe it should be used on a restored 54-55 Champion Commander Station Wagon or be in the hands of a Studebaker Collector who can properly preserve it. I will be happy to answer any questions you have or provide as many photos as you need. This Nameplate and your purchase both deserve the most respectful packing. It will be shipped double boxed and insured. It will also be wrapped in bubble wrap and surrounded with packing peanuts for a safe journey. Thanks so much for looking!!

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