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2-Wiper Bundle: TRICO Classic Wiper Blades 16" Silver | 1968-1969 | 33-162 x2 For Sale
2-Wiper Bundle: TRICO Classic Wiper Blades 16

2-Wiper Bundle: TRICO Classic Wiper Blades 16" Silver | 1968-1969 | 33-162 x2

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*** This listing is for 1968 & 1969 vehicles. We also have a listing for 1957-1967 vehicles - include year in search ***
2-Wiper Bundle of Trico 33-162 16" Classic Wiper Blades (purchasing quantity 1 of this listing will get you two wipers): 16" metallic-silver finish wiper blades with classic vintage frame styling and old-school attachment for antique hook, side lock pin and straight bayonet wiper arms combined with state-of-the-art precision-cut edge rubber blade. TRICO CLASSIC wiper blades are designed to resemble the Original Equipment blades on many of the classic American cars manufactured during the 1940s through the 1960s.We maintain one of the most up-to-date fitment databases in the USA. If you are at all in doubt about wiper blade size (length & attachment), please contact us before ordering to avoid costly returns and exchanges. Contact us with your make(s), model(s) and year(s) and we'll verify the wiper blade fitments for you.If you are in need of a larger quantity than what this eBay listing states, please contact us with the total number you need. We often have more than listed and we also have the ability to drop-ship directly from Trico's US warehouse for larger orders. Additional quantity discounts may be available.
  • TRICO is a USA Company, invented the wiper blade, and is celebrating over100 years in business.
  • TRICO engineers and manufacturers many original OEM wiper blade systems for vehicle manufactures. TRICO then applies this OE knowledge/expertise to their design and manufacture of outstanding aftermarket replacement wiper products.
  • TRICO Corporate offices, engineering, research & development are located in the Detroit Michigan area.
About the seller:
  • Wipers123 has specialized in wiper products since 2009 and is one of TRICO's largest online retailers selling tens-of-thousands wiper products to thousands of vehicle owners worldwide annually. We are a USA company headquartered in Wisconsin. All inventory is purchased direct from TRICO's USA warehouses ensuring fresh product. Wipers123 is an authorized dealer, thus TRICO's warranty is fully valid. (Note: Our inventory is never old-stock, new/old stock nor overstocks. We do not purchase nor resell liquidated, non-warrantied, closeout stock from non authorized sources. 100% of our inventory is factory-direct & factory-fresh.)
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Van1969 GMC G25/G2500 Van1969 GMC P15/P1500 Van1969 GMC P25/P2500 Van1969 GMC P35/P3500 Van1969 Lincoln Mark III1969 Lotus Europa1969 Mercedes-Benz 2201969 Mercedes-Benz 2301969 Mercedes-Benz 2501969 Mercedes-Benz 6001969 Mercedes-Benz 200D1969 Mercedes-Benz 220D1969 Mercedes-Benz 250C1969 Mercedes-Benz 280S1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SE Sedan1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SEL1969 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL1969 Mercury Capri1969 Mercury Colony Park1969 Mercury Comet1969 Mercury Cougar1969 Mercury Cyclone1969 Mercury Montego1969 Nissan 5101969 Oldsmobile 4421969 Oldsmobile Cutlass1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme1969 Oldsmobile F851969 Opel Kadett1969 Opel Rallye1969 Peugeot 5041969 Plymouth Belvedere1969 Plymouth Fury1969 Plymouth Fury I1969 Plymouth Fury II1969 Plymouth Fury III1969 Plymouth Satellite1969 Pontiac Acadian1969 Pontiac Beaumont1969 Pontiac Grand Prix1969 Pontiac GTO1969 Pontiac Laurentian1969 Pontiac LeMans1969 Pontiac Parisienne1969 Pontiac Strato-Chief1969 Pontiac Tempest1969 Porsche 9111969 Porsche 9121969 Toyota Crown1969 Volkswagen Campmobile1969 Volkswagen Transporter1969 Volvo 1421969 Volvo 1441969 Volvo 1451968 American Motors Ambassador1968 American Motors American1968 American Motors Rebel1968 Buick Skylark1968 Buick Special1968 Buick Sportwagon1968 Chevrolet Bel Air1968 Chevrolet Biscayne1968 Chevrolet Caprice1968 Chevrolet Chevelle1968 Chevrolet Chevy II1968 Chevrolet Corvette1968 Chevrolet El Camino1968 Chevrolet G10 Van1968 Chevrolet G20 Van1968 Chevrolet Impala1968 Chevrolet P10 Van1968 Chevrolet P20 Van1968 Chevrolet P30 Van1968 Dodge A1001968 Dodge A100 Pickup1968 Dodge A100 Truck1968 Dodge A108 Van1968 Dodge Coronet1968 Dodge P1001968 Dodge P100 Van1968 Dodge P2001968 Dodge P200 Van1968 Dodge P3001968 Dodge P300 Van1968 Dodge P3751968 Ford Country Sedan1968 Ford Country Squire1968 Ford Custom1968 Ford Custom 5001968 Ford Fairlane1968 Ford Falcon1968 Ford Galaxie 5001968 Ford LTD1968 Ford Ranch Wagon1968 Ford Ranchero1968 Ford Thunderbird1968 Ford Torino1968 GMC G15/G1500 Van1968 GMC G25/G2500 Van1968 GMC P15/P1500 Van1968 GMC P25/P2500 Van1968 GMC P35/P3500 Van1968 Lincoln Mark III1968 Mercedes-Benz 2001968 Mercedes-Benz 2201968 Mercedes-Benz 2301968 Mercedes-Benz 2501968 Mercedes-Benz 6001968 Mercedes-Benz 200D1968 Mercedes-Benz 220D1968 Mercedes-Benz 280S1968 Mercedes-Benz 280SE Sedan1968 Mercedes-Benz 280SEL1968 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL1968 Mercury Colony Park1968 Mercury Comet1968 Mercury Commuter1968 Mercury Cyclone1968 Mercury Marquis1968 Mercury Montclair1968 Mercury Montego1968 Mercury Monterey1968 Mercury Park Lane1968 Nissan 5101968 Oldsmobile 4421968 Oldsmobile Cutlass1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme1968 Oldsmobile F851968 Opel Kadett1968 Opel Rallye1968 Plymouth Belvedere1968 Plymouth Satellite1968 Pontiac Acadian1968 Pontiac Beaumont1968 Pontiac Grand Prix1968 Pontiac GTO1968 Pontiac Laurentian1968 Pontiac LeMans1968 Pontiac Parisienne1968 Pontiac Strato-Chief1968 Pontiac Tempest1968 Porsche 9111968 Porsche 9121968 Toyota Crown1968 Volkswagen Campmobile1968 Volkswagen Transporter1968 Volvo 1421968 Volvo 1441968 Volvo 1451967 American Motors Ambassador1967 American Motors Rebel1967 Chevrolet G10 Van1967 Chevrolet G20 Van1967 Chevrolet P10 Series1967 Chevrolet P20 Series1967 Chevrolet P30 Series1967 Dodge A1001967 Dodge A100 Pickup1967 Dodge A100 Truck1967 Dodge A108 Van1967 Dodge Charger1967 Dodge Coronet1967 Dodge P100 Van1967 Dodge P2001967 Dodge P200 Van1967 Dodge P3001967 Dodge P300 Van1967 Ford Club Wagon1967 Ford Country Sedan1967 Ford Country Squire1967 Ford Custom1967 Ford Custom 5001967 Ford Econoline1967 Ford Fairlane1967 Ford Falcon1967 Ford Galaxie1967 Ford Galaxie 5001967 Ford LTD1967 Ford Ranch Wagon1967 Ford Ranchero1967 GMC G15/G1500 Van1967 GMC G25/G2500 Van1967 GMC P15/P1500 Van1967 GMC P25/P2500 Van1967 GMC P35/P3500 Van1967 Mercedes-Benz 6001967 Mercedes-Benz 200D1967 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL1967 Mercury Brougham1967 Mercury Caliente1967 Mercury Capri1967 Mercury Colony Park1967 Mercury Comet1967 Mercury Commuter1967 Mercury Cyclone1967 Mercury Marquis1967 Mercury Montclair1967 Mercury Monterey1967 Mercury Park Lane1967 Mercury Villager1967 Mercury Voyager1967 Plymouth Belvedere1967 Plymouth Belvedere II1967 Plymouth Satellite1967 Porsche 9111967 Volkswagen Transporter1967 Volvo 1421967 Volvo 1441966 Chevrolet G10 Van1966 Chevrolet P10 Series1966 Chevrolet P20 Series1966 Chevrolet P30 Series1966 Dodge A1001966 Dodge A100 Truck1966 Dodge Charger1966 Dodge Coronet1966 Dodge P1001966 Dodge P2001966 Dodge P3001966 Dodge P300 Van1966 Ford Club Wagon1966 Ford Country Sedan1966 Ford Country Squire1966 Ford Custom1966 Ford Custom 5001966 Ford Econoline1966 Ford Fairlane1966 Ford Falcon1966 Ford Galaxie1966 Ford Galaxie 5001966 Ford LTD1966 Ford Ranch Wagon1966 Ford Ranchero1966 GMC G1000 Series1966 GMC G15001966 GMC P10001966 GMC PB1000 Series1966 GMC PB15 Series1966 GMC PB25 Series1966 GMC PB2500 Van1966 GMC PB3500 Van1966 Mercedes-Benz 6001966 Mercedes-Benz 300SE1966 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL1966 Mercury Caliente1966 Mercury Capri1966 Mercury Colony Park1966 Mercury Comet1966 Mercury Commuter1966 Mercury Cyclone1966 Mercury Montclair1966 Mercury Monterey1966 Mercury Park Lane1966 Mercury Villager1966 Mercury Voyager1966 Plymouth Belvedere1966 Plymouth Belvedere II1966 Plymouth Satellite1966 Porsche 9111965 Chevrolet G10 Van1965 Chevrolet P10 Series1965 Chevrolet P20 Series1965 Chevrolet P30 Series1965 Dodge 8801965 Dodge A1001965 Dodge A100 Truck1965 Dodge Coronet1965 Dodge P1001965 Dodge P2001965 Dodge P3001965 Ford Club Wagon1965 Ford Country Sedan1965 Ford Country Squire1965 Ford Custom1965 Ford Custom 5001965 Ford Econoline1965 Ford Fairlane W/2-Speed Drive1965 Ford Galaxie1965 Ford Galaxie 5001965 Ford LTD1965 Ford Ranch Wagon1965 Ford Station Bus1965 GMC G1000 Series1965 GMC G15001965 GMC PB1000 Series1965 GMC PB1500 Series1965 GMC PB2500 Series1965 Mercury Caliente1965 Mercury Colony Park1965 Mercury Commuter1965 Mercury Cyclone1965 Mercury Montclair1965 Mercury Monterey1965 Mercury Park Lane1965 Mercury Villager1965 Plymouth Belvedere1965 Plymouth Belvedere II1965 Plymouth Satellite1964 Chrysler 3001964 Chrysler New Yorker1964 Chrysler Newport1964 Dodge 3301964 Dodge 4401964 Dodge 8801964 Dodge P1001964 Dodge P100 Van1964 Dodge P2001964 Dodge P200 Van1964 Dodge P3001964 Dodge P300 Van1964 Dodge Polara1964 Ford Club Wagon1964 Ford Econoline1964 Ford Fairlane W/2-Speed Drive1964 Ford Station Bus1964 GMC G1000 Series1964 GMC G15001964 Mercury Montclair1964 Plymouth Belvedere1964 Plymouth Fury1964 Plymouth Savoy1963 Chrysler 3001963 Chrysler Imperial1963 Chrysler New Yorker1963 Chrysler Newport1963 Dodge 8801963 Dodge D100 Series1963 Dodge D200 Series1963 Dodge D300 Series1963 Dodge P1001963 Dodge P100 Van1963 Dodge P2001963 Dodge P200 Van1963 Dodge P3001963 Dodge P300 Van1963 Dodge Polara1963 Dodge W100 Series1963 Dodge W200 Series1963 Dodge W300 Series1963 Dodge Wm300 Power Wagon1963 Ford Club Wagon1963 Ford Econoline1963 Ford Fairlane W/2-Speed Drive1963 Ford Station Bus1963 Mercury Country Cruiser W/2-Speed Drive1963 Mercury Meteor W/2-Speed Drive1963 Plymouth Belvedere1963 Plymouth Fleet Special1963 Plymouth Fury1963 Plymouth Savoy1962 Chrysler 3001962 Chrysler Imperial1962 Chrysler New Yorker1962 Chrysler Newport1962 Dodge 8801962 Dodge D100 Series1962 Dodge D200 Series1962 Dodge D300 Series1962 Dodge Dart1962 Dodge P1001962 Dodge P100 Van1962 Dodge P2001962 Dodge P200 Van1962 Dodge P3001962 Dodge P300 Van1962 Dodge Polara1962 Dodge W100 Series1962 Dodge W200 Series1962 Dodge W300 Series1962 Dodge Wm300 Power Wagon1962 Ford Club Wagon1962 Ford Econoline1962 Ford Fairlane W/2-Speed Drive1962 Ford Station Bus1962 Ford Thunderbird1962 Mercury Colony Park W/2-Speed Drive1962 Mercury Commuter W/2-Speed Drive1962 Mercury Meteor W/2-Speed Drive1962 Mercury Monterey W/2-Speed Drive1962 Plymouth Belvedere1962 Plymouth Fleet Special1962 Plymouth Fury1962 Plymouth Savoy1961 Chrysler 3001961 Chrysler Imperial1961 Chrysler New Yorker1961 Chrysler Windsor1961 Dodge Polara1961 Ford Econoline1961 Ford Thunderbird1961 Plymouth Custom1961 Plymouth Fleet Special1960 Chrysler 3001960 Chrysler Imperial1960 Chrysler New Yorker1960 Chrysler Saratoga1960 Chrysler Windsor1960 DeSoto Adventurer1960 DeSoto Fireflite1960 Dodge Custom1960 Dodge Matador1960 Dodge Phoenix1960 Dodge Pioneer1960 Dodge Seneca1960 Dodge Truck1960 Lincoln Continental1960 Lincoln Lincoln Series1960 Lincoln Premier1960 Mercury Colony Park1960 Mercury Commuter1960 Mercury Country Cruiser1960 Mercury Montclair1960 Mercury Monterey1960 Mercury Park Lane1960 Plymouth Custom1960 Plymouth Fleet Special1960 Plymouth Fury1960 Plymouth Sport Wagon1960 Plymouth Suburban1960 Pontiac Bonneville W/Overlap Blades1960 Pontiac Catalina W/Overlap Blades1960 Pontiac Parisienne W/Overlap Blades1960 Pontiac Star Chief W/Overlap Blades1960 Pontiac Strato-Chief W/Overlap Blades1960 Pontiac Ventura W/Overlap Blades1959 Chrysler 3001959 Chrysler Imperial1959 Chrysler New Yorker1959 Chrysler Saratoga1959 Chrysler Windsor1959 DeSoto Adventurer1959 DeSoto Firedome1959 DeSoto Fireflite1959 DeSoto Firesweep1959 Dodge Coronet1959 Dodge Custom1959 Dodge Power Wagon1959 Dodge Royal1959 Dodge Sierra1959 Dodge Truck1959 Lincoln Capri1959 Lincoln Continental1959 Lincoln Premier1959 Mercury Colony Park1959 Mercury Commuter1959 Mercury Country Cruiser1959 Mercury Montclair1959 Mercury Monterey1959 Mercury Park Lane1959 Mercury Voyager1959 Plymouth Custom1959 Plymouth Fury1959 Plymouth Suburban1959 Pontiac Bonneville W/Overlap Blades1959 Pontiac Catalina W/Overlap Blades1959 Pontiac Parisienne W/Overlap Blades1959 Pontiac Star Chief W/Overlap Blades1959 Pontiac Strato-Chief W/Overlap Blades1958 Chrysler 3001958 Chrysler Imperial1958 Chrysler New Yorker1958 Chrysler Saratoga1958 Chrysler Windsor1958 DeSoto Adventurer1958 DeSoto Firedome1958 DeSoto Fireflite1958 DeSoto Firesweep1958 Dodge Coronet1958 Dodge Custom1958 Dodge Power Wagon1958 Dodge Royal1958 Dodge Sierra1958 Dodge Suburban1958 Dodge Truck1958 Plymouth Custom1958 Plymouth Fury1958 Plymouth Plaza1958 Plymouth Suburban1957 DeSoto Adventurer1957 DeSoto Firedome1957 DeSoto Fireflite1957 DeSoto Firesweep1957 Dodge Coronet1957 Dodge Custom1957 Dodge Power Wagon1957 Dodge Royal1957 Dodge Sierra1957 Dodge Suburban1957 Dodge Truck1957 Plymouth Fury1957 Plymouth Plaza1957 Plymouth Suburban

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