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80"x39" Sound Deadener Noise Proof Deadening Mat Car Heat Shield Insulation 10mm For Sale

80"x39" Sound Deadener Noise Proof Deadening Mat Car Heat Shield Insulation 10mm

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Our heat insulation is of higher quality than other sellers, reflected in the thickness, which is 10mm(10mm=394mil=3/8"), while most other sellers are 5mm, so our insulation wool will be more durable!

Material: Under layer: Strong back glue; Middle layer: High density foam cotton; Top layer: Aluminum foil
Size: 2m(78.7") length, 1m(39.37") width, 10 mm thickness(394mil)
Provide great sound insulation and absorption performance, heat insulation, waterproof and moistureproof, damping and with strong performance of heat insution.
Strong self-viscous performance, can slow down the aging of your car paint
The packaging of the product is folded for better delivery

Package Included
1x Fairing Heat Insulation

1) This product is 100% brand new
2) Can be used for the entire interior of any vehicle including: floor panel, door, carpet under/seat, headliner/roof, trunk, trunk lid, firewall (internal side).
3) By reducing or suppressing the sound vibration of the metal plate, you can eliminate road noise.
4) Easy to install, suitable for various car models, simply trim pieces to fit, peel and place and hand roll to ensure good adhesion. No messy spray paint or adhesive is required to install this product.
5) This car insulation is used in many applications, such as muscle cars, hot rods, light cruisers, imports, tuners, street rods, mouse rods, classic cars, racing cars, stock cars, old antique cars, pickups, trucks, low rider and many more. We even have customers using it on their SUVs, vans, RVs, luxury cars, campers, yachts, RVs and school buses
The benefits of sound insulation
Reduce road noise
If you often drive on uneven roads or on noisy highways, sound insulation can bring you more comfort. It will reduce the noise of roads and other drivers. This will make your driving smoother and have the added benefit of better media listening.

Enhance the music
Use sound insulation to make your radio clearer. You will no longer have to turn it up because of traffic noise. Not only is it good for music, but audio books and telephones will sound better, too.

Improve privacy
If you don't want other people on the road to hear what you're listening to, the sound insulation prevents the noise from escaping. Sound insulation will help you.

Warm in winter and cool in summer
This car insulation will help reduce your interior temperature in the summer, keep you warm in the winter, reduce engine/tunnel/console.

Protect car paint
In summer, the temperature is too high, the engine runs at high speed and accelerates for a long time, and generates heat, which can easily cause the aging and fading of the car paint; the heat insulation pad can protect it.

Increase the life of the car
In summer, due to high temperature and long-term driving, it is easy to cause the cabin to heat up and cause a fire, which may seriously damage your car. Using heat insulation pads can extend the life of the car.

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