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79 80 81 82 83 84 85 Cadillac Power Seat Transmission Solenoid Gear Casing NEW For Sale

79 80 81 82 83 84 85 Cadillac Power Seat Transmission Solenoid Gear Casing NEW

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FeedbackPlease contact me immediately with any concerns or order issues so I can help resolve any problems BEFORE leaving feedback. If you don’t tell me there’s a problem, I can’t fix it. Used Parts Rating System My used parts rating system has 4 categories which covers most every type of condition the parts I sell would be in. This is to help my customers understand what to expect out of the parts they receive as there are so many different types of aging and wear the parts could have after 40+ years. Parts are rated as SQ, CNLS, DD, BTN. If a part is rated with a hyphenated rating (ie DD-CNLS), it implies the part ranks in between those two main ratings. The part is in slightly better condition than the first rating but yet slightly worse than the second. Show Quality (SQ): A part that is brand new or excellent New Old Stock. New Old Stock does NOT imply perfect as factory parts were mass produced and rarely perfect when they were new. It just means a replacement part from the factory never installed. May exhibit very light storage wear. Would work for a show car all the way to daily driver. Cruise Night / Light Show (CNLS): A part in excellent used condition with little wear or aging. Such parts may exhibit light pitting, scratches and handling wear consistent with a well kept, used part. Daily Driver (DD): A part that is in good used condition showing signs of average wear and age such as medium pitting, scratches, chips, minor cracks etc. Could improve with some restoration or is an excellent core. Looks nice from 5-10 feet on a daily driven car. Better Than Nothing (BTN): A part that is just as the rating sounds. The part has heavy aging and wear which would include heavy pitting, large cracks, deep scratches, minorly broken pieces etc. BUT is mostly complete, not broken severely and serviceable. Can be used on your daily driver only if you have a completely broken piece, are missing the part entirely or are looking for a core to rebuild / restore. And now, the item… The Cove has grown rich with the parts plundered off many fine Cadillacs that were abandoned to time and tide. Saved from certain doom by the valiant Captain Cadillac and his trusty comrade Captain VonSneer, they have been cleaned and stored till they are once again needed by you, my loyal land yacht captains! The ole Captain has been busy sorting through all the tender treasures and here’s what he found in the Cove for you to bid upon today….. 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 Cadillac Chevrolet Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac 6-Way Power Bench or Bucket Seat Transmission Solenoid Plastic Gear Casing Housing NEW Application: 1979-88 Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiacs with 6-Way Power Seats Mounting Area: Driver and Passenger side under Seat Appearance: Finally available to the GM restoration community! A Captain Cadillac's exclusive reproduction of the 1979-88 GM power seat transmission plastic gear / solenoid casing made out of tough white ABS plastic, an upgrade to the original style nylon casings which as everyone who has one knows, shatter after years of heat and usage. Until now, there have been no replacement housings available, leaving restorers with no choice but to either find a good used casing or send the remains of their transmission out to be restored at a hefty cost. 9 out of 10 seat transmissions suffer a casing failure as opposed to mechanical/electrical failure, leaving the seat motor disconnected from the transmission. Now you can transfer your gears / solenoids / metal sleeve bushings into a fresh new casing for half the price of a rebuild, which in most cases is just your gears/solenoids/gear bushings put in another plastic casing for $300+. Don't be fooled by the recent surge of China based sellers who claim to have this casing for sale. I am the only one who had these reproduced right here in NY state, I ship within 1 day from here in NY and have 100% customer satisfaction with the quality of this reproduction. Buy here with confidence. Please check the transmission you are repairing as this type of plastic housing seat transmission was the primary style used thru the GM lineups but some models may use a combination unit in lieu of a motor + transmission like this. This is a limited reproduction run of these casings so once they sell out, that's all folks! Don't wait till your 40+ year old casing shatters, leaving your seat and you in an uncomfortable position. Rating: SQ I JUST ADDED A TON OF NEW ITEMS TO MY EBAY STORE AND ADJUSTED PRICES ACROSS THE BOARD! I have plenty more Cadillac parts available from 1965 -1970! Anything outside of these years that I may have for auction or in the store are just singular items, I don't stock parts for those years. If you don't see an auction for a particular part, just ask and I can check if I have it available for auction or listing in my eBay store! 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