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80"x39" Automotive Sound Deadening Damping Heat Noise Proof Insulation Deadener For Sale

80"x39" Automotive Sound Deadening Damping Heat Noise Proof Insulation Deadener

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Car insulation offers the lightest and most effective thermal sound deadening insulation in the world! Adding insulation to your vehicle makes your interior quiet, comfortable, and superior to the competition. It is a thermal barrier, sound deadener, and a protective moisture barrier. You will not find another material that offers all of the above. It is extremely easy to handle, cut, shape, flex, and install. We supply professional race teams, car manufacturers, restoration shops, and individuals across the world. Email to discuss wholesale pricing if ordering in quantities larger then the options above! Features & Specifications: Reduces unwanted sound & most vibrationsEffectively blocks 97% of radiant heat transferKeeps your interior cooler in the Summer & warmer in the WinterExtremely light-weight, flexible, & crush resistantCreates a mold & mildew resistant vapor barrierNon-toxic & fragrance free (Will not smell)Very easy to cut, handle, & install Nominal Thickness:3/16"(196mil;5mm)Core Material: Polyethylene closed cell foam coreOuter Material: 99.4% pure polished aluminum reinforced facingDouble Sided: Yes (Aluminum on both sides)Mildew & Mold Resistant: YesWater Resistant: YesAdhesive backing: NoNon-toxic: YesThe benefits of installing sound insulationInsulating your vehicle will reduce your interior temperature in the summer, keep you warmer in the winter, reduce engine & tunnel heat, reduce exhaust drone, and quiet down your interior making you more comfortable. It will improve your ride by allowing your stereo to perform more efficiently with less road noise competition, allow your climate control to work faster and more efficient as well while reducing your use of A/C and saving you money on gas! If you have headers installed then you will notice the increase in heat that is transferred into your interior and this will combat that problem. This is designed to control your interior temperature and reduce sound & rattles. This car insulation prevents condensation, will not cause rust, and will not absorb moisture. Therefore, The material is a closed micro-cell foam core (closed cell micro cellular polyethylene) covered on BOTH sides with heat-rejecting foil. Widely UsedThis can be used in any vehicle in your entire interior: floor pan, doors, under your carpet/seats, headliner/roof, trunk, trunk lids, firewall (interior side), and under your hood as a hood liner. Our customers use this car insulation in their muscle car, hot rod, street rod, rat rod, corvette, import, tuner, classic car, race car, stock car, old vintage car, pickup, truck, low rider, SUV, van, RV, limousine, camper, boat, motor home, school bus, etc. Installation Instructions:There is no adhesive on this car insulation but you have many options when it comes to installing it including spray adhesive, foil tape, or even hook and loop fasteners. Car insulation can be double layered in areas if needed. It is very easy to install and easily molds to contours. Spray adhesive & foil tape in combination with each other has worked best for us for our installations. Before installation make sure your surface is clean. Cut your piece to match the area you want to install it on and then spray the area with spray adhesive and lay your piece down and press lightly with your hands or use a roller across the entire piece. Continue doing this until you have the entire area you want covered. We recommend using a good spray adhesive when installing this insulation. Foil tape is optional to use with spray adhesive but it helps you achieve the best thermal barrier results.Warm reminder: You need to buy spray adhesive or aluminum foil tape by yourself.

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