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Bentley Continental GT GTC Orion V2 LED Angel Demon Eyes DRL Kit REMOTE HARNESS For Sale

Bentley Continental GT GTC Orion V2 LED Angel Demon Eyes DRL Kit REMOTE HARNESS

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Simply the best angel eyes built: PERIOD Umnitza Predator Orion V2 - Brightest Angel Eyes Ever Produced - FORGET CCFL, FORGET PLASMA, FORGET COB, FORGET SMD LED. IN A CLASS OF THEIR OWN: (not available on any other competing product) Product Description (may describe some optional equipment): This product incorporates the brightest Light Emitting Diode technology currently available today with proper thermal dissipation for longer life (over 100000 hours, or about 22 years or continuous usage). The LED is used in a variety of applications due to it's longevity, durability, and cold weather instant operability characteristics. Predator Orion V2 is even more daytime visible. The efficient cluster of LED are mounted inside the same high polish crystal light enhancing cover that is the same size as the OEM angel eyes, just brighter. The high quality wiring harness included was the first to be fully insulated and provides you with both a fused primary trigger and a secondary trigger for automatic dimming (fade/on & fade/off) functionality. NO BLEED! Why settle for any bleeding of light out the back of your rings. Get ones that are crisp and clean. 60-120 LED ARRAY High Output 10000mcd LEDs. First of their kind on the market. 120LED Orion V4 has 30% more light output as compared to Orion V2 60 LED. Surface Mount LED with over 175 degree output - widest band output on the market. Multi-Stage Clipping System - FOR SOME MODELS That's right, no need to decide for only 2 clips. Now you have the ability to install the clip in ANY configuration, 2 clicks? no problem, 3 clicks? no problem? 4 clicks? no problem. This solves the one issue that facelifted sedans (02-05 E46 3-series sedans) with trim piece fitment. Features Lifetime Warranty Remote Fade/On Fade/Off (with harness included) PolyCarbonate UV Coated Rings (for maximum lifespan without yellowing or fading). 100K Hours Expected Life Easier Installation than ANY OTHER KIT 4 Halos are included with every order as well as a wiring harness for remote fade on/off Online Instructions. Continuing our class and industry leading technological development allowed us to produce the pinnacle of angel eyes for your car. The Predator Orion product line allows you to retain the classy OEM look (with OEM Series) of the original halos from the E39 (5-series) but just raise the bar on brightness and provide the captivating powerful halos you want. Install Tips: Follow online install guide, do not deviate unless experienced. Ensure secure connections to and from the headlight. Make sure yoru connection to the boxes is secure. Application (Please consult your owner's manual for your application fitment type): Fits All Halogen, Xenon, BiXenon, and Adaptive Xenon Lights Orion V2 - Standard Orion V2 pair of rings. A new age, "audi-esque" look where the rings blend to form a pure circle from a further distance. Orion V2 rings have fewer LED and have slightly more visible gaps in the rings between the LED as compared to the Orion V4. Available only in white - 6000K standard. Orion V4 Gapless high powered LED with wideband output. These are designed to have additional output by 30% over the Orion V2. Also included in the upgrade to the Orion V4 is a built in night controller mode that allows you to dim your angel eyes as soon as you turn on your headlights for better night output. Availalbe only in white - 6000K standard. Orion Multi-Color Fewer LED than the Orion V2 or the Orion V4, using a proprietary RGB style LED that allows you to choose from one of 7 colors and have 2 additional modes. In primary operation mode, you can select 1 individual color. In secondary mode, you can choose a fade out feature (this feature is enabled when you select "purple" as your individual colo), and you can choose blinking feature (this is the next click of the black button). You can also lock out to white permanently (using the blue button) and you can even turn them on and off by holding the black button down for 5 seconds. They even feature a "memory" option that remembers the last mode you are in (attaching the two power and ground wires from the controller box to permanent power). Available in Multi-Color, Orion V2 for certain applications. Give us a call 877 486 6489 FITS: 2005-2013 - Bentley Continental GT and GTC and Flying SPUR and ALL VARIATIONS HOW DO WE COMPARE? We Don't:) Ours are the brightest and best, period. WE have the guts to show you pictures in broad daylight. Why don't other companies do that? HEADLIGHTS NOT INCLUDED THIS IS FOR ANGEL EYES - 4 Rings that you can customize any way you want. Installation: Video (Standardized): Basic Install Tip: Night Control Install Tip: Most headlights require baking or hairdryer to open. The work is easy but you should understand it doesn't just plug in simply. This order does not include headlights. GENERAL GUIDE: 1) Remove bolt from fender liner in the wheel well. 2) Remove bolt holding bumper edge just inside peeled back fender liner. 3) Remove all the bolts at the bottom of the bumper 4) Remove 5 pins from the top of the bumper 5) remove bumper. 6) Remove fender bolts holding lights 7) Remove top 2 bolts holding lights 8) Disconnect as many connections as possible prior to... 9) Pulling light out 10) Cookie sheet for 20 minutes at 200 degrees 11) Remoe 4 screws holding back of light against front of light plexi, gently slide plastic tabs off the front plexi while doing this. 12) Remove inner beauty trim's 2 screws. 13) Place rings at respect corners - 1 dap of glue - less than an teardrop worth at the corners of the rings and the bottom of the ring center. 14) Insert ring botton FIRST, then push gently tops of rings onto bevelled edge of trim piece. 15) Hold for 2-3 minutes (use QUICKGRIP for best results) 16) Wait 10 minutes for glue to fully set. 17) Push wires out the back of high beam and low beams respectively, remove the rubber caps frist, then seal rubber caps OVER the wires. 18) Put back into oven for 5 minutes, seal up headlight and re-insert all screws. 19) Attach black connectors. 20) Finish Install by reattaching all body parts. The rear is covered with a full backing that holds the LED system in place. There are no external solder points on the back. The covering serves as an insulation so there are no exposed points of power that could potentially lead to a short in the circuit. The photo shown has additional pads that will not be on a finished ring that you receive, they were originally put there to stabilize the ring, but that is not necessary giving some proprietary mounting techniques being used. Please notice that there is NO exposed wiring Please also notice that the ring goes all the way to the top of the ring, it does not break 3/4 of the way up and it does not have an exposed parts other than the ring itself Drive By Video (PLEASE WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY) GENERAL INFORMATION FOR ALL GO HERE FOR MORE OF OUR PRODUCTS FROM US Be sure to add me to your favorites list! Check out my other items! PRODUCTS & VIDEOS: GO HERE FOR MORE OF OUR PRODUCTS FROM US Angel Eyes - As you know, we are recognized the world over for having the most unique, brightest, most reliable angel eyes PERIOD. Don't settle for Oracle, SMD, Generic, get only ORION branded angel eyes! Headlights: Umnitza is known for providing the best quality headlights for your car. You may find other eBay headlights that are generic. Basically someone takes it from the shelf and ships it to you, if it works, great, if it doesn't, who cares. We are not like that, we build every headlight to order, we make some of the most unique headlights imaginable, if you are interested, send us an message here through eBay. Here are some examples: BUMPERS: We have a wide range of bumpers from M5 to M3, we even carry VW bumpers. Just check our eBay and you'll see plenty of options And we have so many other products like Wheels, Audio, and many other PAST PRODUCT INSTALLS: ABOUT UMNITZA Please send all correspondence through the ebay messaging system. We can also be reached at 877.486.6489 during normal business hour. We have been in business over 10+ years. Our customer service is the best in the industry, so please message us through eBay if you have any questions at all. Messages Replied: 9AM to 5PM PST M-F (except Holidays) After hours emails will be replied on the next business day. Umnitza has always been committed to providing you excellent customer service with quick turn around times. We have many resources available to us, you can always contact us and we'll be happy to assist you. Please work with us first. Please ask us to insure that you're getting the correct item that you want. Please contact us directly about any returns or items that you want to return to ensure that your transaction goes through smoothly. Buyer is solely responsible for installation and care of the product. Once the items is installed on the vehicle, the buyer is liable for the product and the sale is final. Payment & Feedback We gladly accept PayPal for all our eBay transactions. Please feel free to message us if you have any other questions. Please leave positive feedback when you receive the product!!!! SALES TAX on ALL CALIFORNIA BUYERS MUST BE CHARGED @ 9% WE WILL ONLY SHIP TO THE PAYPAL CONFIRMED ADDRESS! Price Match Guarantee: We will match any advertised price that other competitors offer. Often times we can even beat the price other sellers sell parts for because we are one of the largest, Authorized distributors of the products listed on eBay. Simply provide us a link to where you saw a lower combined price of part and shipping, and we will get back to you with an equal or lower price. Feedback: Lastly, feedback is important to us. Not only does it show that we have done our job in providing you with the best possible service and product, but also it helps other car enthusiasts know that UMNITZA is committed in our dedication to our customers. We must collect 9.00% sales tax if order is shipped within California. By law, sales tax is automatically computed on products. INSTALLATION Whenever possible, we will provide you the best information available to us, many of our products have DIY or Video help available. Parts are NOT pre-painted unless specified in the auction. Not all parts are direct bolt on, some parts require some adjustment. This is a GENERAL GUIDE. IF you are uncertain, contact us immediately for support prior to purchasing your item. Due to the material and process used in production there may be slight variations between the same parts. Products will NOT be direct “bolt on” parts, and will require test fitting the parts. Products may require prepping, sanding, shaving, filling gaps, and other extensive body work to ensure proper fitment. Parts are NOT painted, which the professional installer can paint for you. Modifications may include removal or cutting the reinforcement bars. We highly recommend that a professional body shop with experience installing after-market body kit parts perform the installation. Not all body shops will have experience installing these parts, so please inquire with the body shop first before ordering with us. If parts are not fitting in extreme circumstances, we require digital pictures taken of the parts on the vehicle as if they are being test fitted. Please include the eBay sales #, your name, description of what is wrong with the part, along with the attached pictures and we will gladly assist you further (the more information that is included, the better we can help you.) Pictures may show potential installation mistakes, so that we can offer our suggestions on how to remedy the required changes. Also with the pictures, we can confirm that the part is incorrect, and send out the proper parts to you at no additional cost. By winning this auction, the buyer understands the procedure and possible difficulty of installing aftermarket parts. All parts are for off-road and show purposes only. Please check with your local authorities to make sure if parts are approved for street/highway use. SHIPPING Shipping price is to the lower 48 US States. (Additional charges for Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico MAY APPLY) WHERE WE OFFER FREE SHIPPING, IT IS STILL FOR ONLY 48 States All items are shipped within 2 business days of cleared payment. Once the item is shipped, our system will automatically send a tracking number to the email address registered with eBay. Please wait until 2 business days have passed since completed payment before contacting us for a tracking number - most of the time, your order is still being processed. Please message us about International Shipment Quotes. Canada customers MUST provide a contact phone number for shipping purposes. You can include this information on the Note section on your PayPal payment. BECAUSE YOUR SHIPMENT IS GOING ACROSS THE US/CANADA BORDER - YOU MUST ALLOW UP TO 5 ADDITIONAL BUSINESS DAYS FOR DELIVERY. BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL BROKERAGE, TAXES, DUTIES, and CUSTOMS charges upon delivery We will ALWAYS ship out your order on the same day as long as payment is received by 1:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Shipping insurance is included with the purchase, so your order will be insured regardless. SOME OF OUR BIGGER ITEMS ARE SHIPPED USING PARCEL POST, GREYHOUND or FREIGHT ITEMS LIKE Big bumpers, HOODS, TRUNKS ARE SHIPPED THIS WAY Combined shipping is available. Please email us if you're interested in purchasing more than one item. Some shipping costs are higher due to the fact that the items are fairly large. Please email us if you have any concerns. SHIPPING COSTS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Shipping costs are paid to the courier and they are never refundable. This is eBay, if you do not like this shipping fact, then we suggest you purchase your items from a local retail store that you can physically return items to. Refused/undelivered packages are subject to a 25% restocking fee minus all shipping related charges. We do no offer local pick up on eBay items. If you are having any issues with your order, please contact us prior to leaving feedback or opening a case with eBay - we'll take care of you. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 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Installation- Some of our parts are direct from EUROPE or ASIA which may need modification to install. Some items do not have installation instructions. We recommend professional installation if you have any questions about the product. Please note: It is imperative that bidders understand the items are vehicle related and require installation and vehicle knowledge. They are not like shoes that you can buy on eBay and just put on your feet. Installation skill and experience varies so it is recommended the item is installed professionally (beware some shops are worse than others). We are not responsible if you or your shop cannot install the items properly. Do research on your car specific forums or find a shop that is specialized in aftermarket installs and knows your specific model. Those are the best places to have it installed. We wish all the tuner parts we sell were as simple as putting Shoes on your feet but they are not. Keep in mind, we do not make the products. We do our job which is to get you the best price possible and ship it out fast. Warranty- Some products we sell are warranted by the manufacturer, if you have any questions regarding the warranty please contact the Manufacturer before bidding. IN MOST CASES, UMNITZA does not make the product and do not provide any warranty, expressed or implied. We work on getting you the deepest discount possible, WE DO NOT MAKE THE PRODUCT IN MOST CASES. Any Complaints or Issues, make sure they are directed toward the Manufacturer. Our job is to get you the best price and ship it out fast. By purchasing the item you decided it is what you wanted and we delivered. ALL PRODUCTS ARE OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. Most manufacturers warranty is 1 year from date of auction close. It does not cover any misuse, incorrect wiring/installation, or any damage resulting from abuse of the product. Warranty is non-transferable and applies to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER ONLY and can be shipped to ORIGINAL ADDRESS ONLY. Replacement Warranty is void if product is no longer available to Seller. GENERAL WARRANTY TERMS: These terms only apply to items that are clearly specified in the auction to have a warranty. Warranty covers the item only. Retailer and Manufacturer or any parties associated with the product are not liable for any damage resulting from misuse, incorrect installation, non-upkeep, or incidental damage that may arise from using the product. By bidding the buyer and recipient of the product agrees to these terms. We will not warranty labor for work to install or remove products. Warranty period begins at the date of auction close. Warranty is non-transferable and applies to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER ONLY and any repair or replacement can be shipped to ORIGINAL ADDRESS ONLY. Buyer is responsible for all shipping related to the product- Shipping must be PREPAID. Warranty is void if product is no longer available to Seller. Legal: THIS PRODUCT IS PROVIDED BY Umnitza.Com ON AN "AS IS" AND "AS AVAILABLE" BASIS. UMNITZA.COM MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE OPERATION OF THIS PRODUCT OR THE INFORMATION, CONTENT, MATERIALS, OR PRODUCTS INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT. YOU EXPRESSLY AGREE THAT YOUR USE OF THIS PRODUCT IS AT YOUR SOLE RISK. TO THE FULL EXTENT PERMISSIBLE BY APPLICABLE LAW, UMNITZA.COM DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. UMNITZA.COM WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND ARISING FROM THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE, AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. CERTAIN STATE LAWS DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ON IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF CERTAIN DAMAGES. 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