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C4) 1969 70 71 72 73 Mercury Cougar Sequencer Turn Signal Board (Incandescent) For Sale

C4) 1969 70 71 72 73 Mercury Cougar Sequencer Turn Signal Board (Incandescent)

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Welcome to my Ebay store and thank you for shopping with us. We are dedicated to helping you find the right part for you car. If you are unsure if this is the correct part or need help then please visit my store to see all parts available, Helpful Hints and FREE troubleshooting articles. Click on BARGANSPOT. If there are any questions feel free to contact me. Kim Paulson Note: This board is now obsolete and at some point, will no longer be available. It is replaced by the new improved sequencer board C9WY-13A366-AL. The C9WY-13A366-AL board will drive either Incandescent or LED bulbs and is now the recommended over the old one by Cougars Unlimited LLC. You are purchasing one C9WY-13A366-AR Sequencer Flasher Board Replaces: Sequencer Flasher board Application: 1969 1970 *1971 1972 1973 Cougar Note: this board will not work with any LED bulb! This sequencer does not come with the black case and you will need to reuse the original. Simply open it up and remove the old circuit card and replace it with the new one. The connectors will match up to your existing harness. No soldering or wire crimping necessary. *Note: Special connectors were used on the 1971 Cougars made between 5/17/71 and 1/1/72. You will have to send the old sequencer to us so we can reuse them and solder them on to the new sequencer. There is no charge for this. For more info click here Helpful Hints 69-73 Cougar You might need this board if your Symptoms are; One or more lights not flashing: If all bulbs are OK, the trouble is most likely in the sequential flasher board in the trunk. Inner lights only flashing: If only the innermost rear lights flash (and the front lights), use a tester to determine whether there is power available at the red harness connector on the Green-White (left turn signal on) and on the White-Blue (right turn signal on) wires. If both signals are OK, the sequential flasher board in the trunk is most likely bad. Otherwise, the turn signal switch in the column is bad. If you are have other symptoms then check out our free troubleshooting guides shown above. The manufacturer strongly recommends that you also replace the Flasher Can under the dash with their new electronic one to make sure this board works properly. To see this flasher can click on helpful hints and scroll down. Note: Beware of the 552-flasher can. You can find them here and there new but most do not work. We have found that only a handful out of 100 will work out of the box. Some can be modified to work but 3 out of 4 of those cannot be modified. We no longer recommend or service the 552-flasher can. All parts we sell are aftermarket replacement parts manufactured by Cougars Unlimited. They are made to plug and play into the original mounting and wiring harness. They are new and come with a 2-year limited factory warranty. We now provide a FREE 2-year extended warranty only when you purchase from us. That is a total of 4 years at no cost to you. Extensive research has been put into the choosing of proper connectors, gauge of wires, industrial grade connectors and electronic components. They are nice! All aspects of the manufacturing process from design to testing are overseen by an electronic engineer with over 25 years of experience as a result these units the most robust and reliable units on the market. Cougars Unlimited manufactures turn signal systems for 1967-1973 Cougar and 1965-1971 Thunderbird sequential and now has expanded to include a broad selection of Ford vintage and muscle cars. Since 1981 Cougars Unlimited has been the source for the electronic sequencers used to replace the failure-prone mechanical motor driven turn signal sequencers. Member of the Cougar Club of America since 1981 and a founding member of the Cougar Club of New Mexico. 25 years of service / Thousands sold to satisfied customers ONLY IF YOU BUY FROM US! - 4-YEAR WARRANTY – ONLY IF YOU BUY FROM US! Double your warranty for FREE! 2 year factory warranty + 2 year extended warranty from us = 4 year warranty only when you buy from us.

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