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Cadillac XLR Shift cable linkage bushing - EASY INSTALLATION For Sale

Cadillac XLR Shift cable linkage bushing - EASY INSTALLATION

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Shipping: Auto Transport Quote Price: $24.99

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*That means you don't have to risk jabbing a screwdriver through your hand or using excessive force to get it installed.*That means you can install the bushing without damaging it.*That means you can install without damaging the cable.Installation instructions: Fix®®®® is a Registered Brand; with Trademarked Products: BP1Kit™; CA1Kit™; CH1Kit™; DA1Kit™; DR1Kit™; F2Kit™; FA1Kit™; FM1Kit™; Gi1Kit™; HR1Kit™; JE1Kit™; IM1Kit™; JL1Kit™; NA1Kit™; MM1Kit™; MT1Kit™; GC1Kit™; NI1Kit™; RT1Kit™; RX1Kit™; SA1Kit™; SB1Kit™; SI2Kit™; SR1Kit™; TB1Kit™; UA1Kit™;UP1Kit™- Transmission Shift Cable Bushing Repair Kit ™; (US Patent # 10,215,273 and US Patent # 10,619,723).

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