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Cadillac XLR Windrestrictor® brand wind deflector screen block etched & lighted For Sale
Cadillac XLR Windrestrictor® brand wind deflector screen block etched & lighted

Cadillac XLR Windrestrictor® brand wind deflector screen block etched & lighted

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Product Features

  • 3/8\" polycarbonate glass material- 10 X stronger than real glass.
  • sleek metalbrackets with a protective finish to match your leather (powder coated)
  • wooden center brackets produced by German Woodsmith wrapped in the exact XLR factory leather
  • very strong mounting points- you will not experience rattling or buffeting with our product
  • our product is an Officially Licensed Product of GM (General Motors)
  • can have the Cadillac crest or other XLR graphics engraved into the product
  • can apply illumination to the product using our patent-pending technology

product video is available at youtube - windrestrictor tv


Please see attached photo for Option numbers. Whenthe transactionis complete

please send us the option number you want and color of lighting you want.

King Penn Industries is proud to present what many call the “finest wind blocking device on the market”.

We would like to introduce the brand new Wind Restrictor for the Cadillac XLR. Not all windscreens are created equal!

Our Cadillac XLR wind blocker is constructed only from top quality material and is the thickest on the market.

It is guaranteed not to turn yellow or fade over time like some others that are being sold. Our products have the

added benefit of a laser engraved surface (optional) and even an added option for a very rare illuminated effect.

The Wind Restrictor for the Cadillac XLR is an Official Licensed Product of General Motors. Because of this you

can have registered trademarks from Cadillac engraved into your WindRestrictor. Many say that our Wind Restrictor

is the best Cadillac XLR accessory on the market today. It’s a brand new product so you may be the

first one in your city to have one!

We\'ve done countless hours of extensive research, development and testing to bring to high end roadster owners the best quality, most precisely designed & most awesome looking wind deflecting devices on the market.Our Wind Restrictoris an amazing, unique and durable product that blocks as much if not more wind turbulence than the factory OEM mesh net windscreens and helps to maintain the temperature inside of your roadster when the top is down. All of the Wind Restrictors™ we offer can remain in place with the roof closed and are mounted solid yet inconspicuously without any permanent alterations to your roadster.
Some benefits of the Illuminated Wind Restrictor™-Eliminate most wind turbulence and wind noise
-Personalize your roadster with illuminated graphics
-Advertise your business with an etched logo
-Can be wired to brake lamps, fog lamps etc.
-Prevent unrelenting wind buffering and driver fatigue
-Talk more clearly on your cell phone
-Carry on conversations with your passenger without raising your voice
-Arrive with your hair in place and free of tangles, especially long hair
-Enjoy more of the full richness and clarity of your stereo
-Help maintain the temperature in your roadster when top is down
-Each order includes spray cleaner, cotton gloves or other accessories
The only wind deflecting device to have all these features...*Made from double sided AR Polycarbonate (Very durable acrylic type material is also scratch resistant! Others are made out of much cheaper materials & dangerously breakable plastics. Some may be made out of Lexan; the disadvantage to Lexan is that it scratches easily and won\'t emit illumination, it may also discolor with etching.)*Professionally precisely designed and laser cut. (Others are produced at home using table routers and jig saws leaving rough edges and defective shapes. Wind Restrictors™ are professionally produced from the finest materials using state-of-the-art equipment)*Can order with ILLUMINATION (The only wind deflecting device on the market that has this patent pending feature! You can have the Wind Restrictor™ Light Kit hard wired to any 12 volt wire of your roadster (fog lamps, brake lights, driving lights, etc.) Most car audio/electronic shops or dealerships can wire it or you can do it your self in less than 1 hour. Cigarette lighter plug adapters, or AAA battery packs can be added for an easy convenient connection. All of our Official Licensed Products have an approved, battery pack option that we will send upon your request. *Can order Laser engraving (Etched with a high powered laser to really make your roadster unique and stand out. The engraving will also emit light and give off an awesome glowing effect with a Light Kit installed. personalize your roadster with a custom logo or stock graphics.) Our engravings are guaranteed not to peel, fade or turn colors over time like stick-ons that are sold as immitation engravings. *PERFECTLY formed to the contours your roadster. (Others are not designed and manufactured to exactly fit the body lines or roll bars on your roadster.)*Attaches to your roadster without permanent alteration or tacky fixtures (No drilling of holes, adhesive tape, Velcro or straps.)*Extremely smooth crystal clear edges (Others are sometimes sharp and ridged, ours are laser cut smooth to perfection then flame polished so that the Wind Restrictor™ looks & feels like a million bucks as well as emitting illumination to the fullest.)

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