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Chevy SBC 350 5.7L HP Stage 3 443/465 Lift Camshaft & Lifters Kit Cam MC1988 For Sale

Chevy SBC 350 5.7L HP Stage 3 443/465 Lift Camshaft & Lifters Kit Cam MC1988

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Shipping: Auto Transport Quote Price: $150.61

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For sale is a BRAND NEW Engine Pro MC1988 Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft! Also included is a SET of (16) HA817 Lifters! This is for Chevy SBC 262, 302, 307, 327, 350, 400 C.I. With good low to mid torque and a noticeable idle. Camshaft Specifications: Stage: 3Duration @ .050": Intake: 214 Exhaust: 224Advertised Duration: Intake:288 Exhaust: 298Valve Lift: Intake: .443 Exhaust: .465Lobe Separation: Intake: 107 Exhaust: 117Power Range: 2000-4500Idle: FairLifter Part #: 817Comment: Good low to mid torque. Noticeable Idle General Stage 3 Camshaft Specifications: Idle Quality: Fair with some lopeTorque: Mid-Range 2400-3200 RPMFuel Economy: FAIR Recommendations: Towing: Not RecommendedRacing: Mild Bracket RacingComputer Controlled Vehicles: Modified computer chip may be required to compensate for low vacuumTransmission: STOCK AUTOMATIC OR MANUALCompression Ratio: 10.3:1 or less check valve to piston clearance NOTE: Anytime you install a new camshaft, it should always have new lifters installed as cams and lifters create a wear pattern as they mate together. Camshafts and lifters are guaranteed to be straight, on size, and to correct lift, index and duration. There is no guarantee on camshafts and lifters after engine is started. Customer has the privilege of checking and inspecting camshafts and lifters at the time of installation. If camshafts and lifters do not meet your level of satisfaction, DO NOT INSTALL! Returns only accepted if camshafts and lifters has not been installed. No guarantee once engine has been run.

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