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How to Build Cobra Kit Cars + Buying Used-step-by-step building-BRAND NEW Book! For Sale

How to Build Cobra Kit Cars + Buying Used-step-by-step building-BRAND NEW Book!

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How to Build Cobra Kit Cars + Buying Used by D. Brian Smith The original Shelby Cobra left an indelible imprint on the automotive landscape. This nimble English roadster, powered by a raucous Ford V-8, set new performance standards, won countless races, and became an iconic supercar. The Shelby Cobra was only in production for six short years and only about 1,000 cars were ever made, but Cobra aficionados yearned for and revered these cars. Then, beginning in the late 1970s, companies manufactured and sold Cobra replicas as a kit car, so enthusiasts could build one in their garage, and other companies eventually offered complete rolling chassis as well as complete new cars.Author D. Brian Smith, former editor-in-chief of Kit Car magazine, shows you each crucial step for assembling a modern Cobra replica, and in particular, he profiles assembling the most popular Cobra kit car: the Factory Five Cobra Mk4. He guides you through selecting the right Cobra kit car for a particular budget and performance goals, and then shows how to plan, budget, and use the necessary tools. Detailed step-by-step captions and photos show you how to assemble each major component group of the car so you assemble a strong running, reliable, and safe Cobra replica. Also included in this informative guide is how to buy a pre-owned Cobra replica. It shows you how to inspect, evaluate, and test drive used Cobra kit cars for those who prefer to purchase one already assembled. B&W photos. Table Of Contents: Acknowledgments 5 Introduction 7 Chapter 1: Choosing a Kit 8 Select a Donor Car 8 Factory Five Racing 9 Chapter 2: Buying a Pre-Owned Cobra Replica 13 Where To Look 14 Which Car is Right For You? 16 Inspection and Evaluation 18 The Test Drive 21 Chapter 3: Build Options For Cobra Kit Cars 23 Jesper Ingerslev's Factory Five Racing Mk3 Roadster 24 Tom Morgan's Unique Motorcars 427SC 26 Darren Friedman's 2006 Kirkham 427SC 29 Engine Sources 29 Transmissions, Clutches, Scattershields, Etc. 33 Chapter 4: Building Your Cobra On Time and On Budget 34 Develop a Plan 35 Evaluate Your Skills 36 Create a Spending Budget 36 Create a Time Budget 38 Chapter 5: Organization and Preparation 39 Kit and Component Inspection 39 Organization 40 Consult Your Build Manual 41 Tools and Supplies 42 Chapter 6: Chassis, Suspension and Brakes 43 Deconstruction Begins 43 Project 1: Disassembly 44 Project 2: Panel Removal 46 Project 3: IFS Installation Preparation 46 Project 4: Front Shock Absorber Installation 48 Project 5: Front Spindle Installation 50 Project 6: Front Disc Brake Installation 51 Chapter 7: Rear Suspension and Differential 54 Project 1: Independent Rear Suspension Installation 55 Project 2: Rear Brake Installation 58 Chapter 8: Pedal Box, Steering Shaft and Steering Rack 60 Project 1: Footbox Panel Installation 61 Project 2: Pedal Box Assembly Installation 61 Project 3: Steering Shaft and Steering Rack Installation 66 Chapter 9: Fuel System, Brakes and Footbox 70 Project 1: Fuel Tank Installation 70 Project 2: Fuel Pump Installation 72 Project 3: Footbox Installation 74 Project 4: Fuel Line Installation 78 Project 5: Brake Line and Master Cylinder Installation 79 Chapter 10: The Engine 84 Small-Block or Big-Block? 84 Crate Engines 86 Stroker 427 Small-Blocks 86 Dart Machinery 86 QMP Racing Engines 86 Project 1: Install Long Block Assembly 87 Mating Engine to Transmission 95 Chapter 11: Drivetrain and Cooling System 96 Project 1: Drivetrain Installation 96 Project 2: Driveshaft Installation 98 Project 3: Radiator Fan Installation 99 Project 4: Radiator Hose Installation 100 Chapter 12: Electrical System 102 Project 1: Wiring Harness and Fuse Box Installation 103 Project 2: Trunk Wall Installation 107 Project 3: Battery Installation 109 Project 4: Gauge Installation 110 Chapter 13: Miscellaneous Parts 115 Project 1: Header Installation 115 Project 2: Clutch Cable Installation 116 Project 3: Transmission Shifter Installation 118 Project 4: Roll Bar Installation 118 Project 5: Seat Installation 120 Project 6: Emergency-Brake Installation 122 Project 7: Sidepipe Installation 123 Project 8: Weather Strip Installation 124 Chapter 14: Body Fitment and Paint 126 Project 1: Fitment Procedure 127 Project 2: Door Latch and Hardware Installation 128 Project 3: Eliminate Mold Line and Trim Body Panels 133 Project 4: Hood Scoop Installation 135 Project 5: Primer Application 137 Project 6: Complete Footbox 137 Project 7: Painting Procedure 138 Chapter 15: Interior and Windshield 141 Project 1: Windshield Installation 141 Project 2: Floor Pan Finishing Procedure 143 Project 3: Interior Carpet Installation 145 Project 4: Seat and Restraint System Installation 148 Project 5: Steering Wheel Installation 150 Chapter 16: Final Fitment 152 Project 1: Roll Bar Installation 152 Project 2: Fuel Cap and Fuel Filler Hose Installation 153 Project 3: Headlight Installation 154 Project 4: Turn Signal Installation 156 Project 5: Taillight Installation 157 Project 6: License-Plate Light Installation 158 Project 7: Side Vent Installation 158 Project 8: Miscellaneous Panel Installation 159 Project 9: Splashguard Installation 159 Project 10: Front Apron Installation 161 Chassis Alignment 161 Chapter 17: The Test Drive 162 Our Maiden Voyage 164 Chapter 18: A Guide to Cobra Kit Car Manufacturers 165 Factory Five Racing 165 Unique Motorcars 166 E.R.A. Replicas 166 Everett-Morrison Motorcars 168 Shell Valley Classic Wheels, Inc. 168 Lone Star Classics 168 B&B Manufacturing 169 Hurricane Motorsports 173 The Turnkeys 173 Superformance, LLC 173 Backdraft Racing 174 Kirkham Motorsports 174 Unique Motorcars 175 E.R.A. Replicas 175 Shelby American, Inc. 175 Source Guide 176 A true car guy, Brian Smith has owned, worked on, and written about a variety of cars and trucks over his distinguished career. The former editor of Kit Car magazine, he has been writing about Cobra kit cars for many years and created a variety of in-depth technical how-to articles. A versatile writer and photographer, he has also been a guest expert on Hot Rod TV. Currently, he is a freelance writer, photographer, and runs Redline Review, an online magazine for auto enthusiasts of all kinds. Softcover. 0.4" H x 10.9" L x 8.4" W - 176 pages. Black and white photos. BRAND NEW!. PLEASE NOTE: PHOTO IN THIS AUCTION IS A STOCK PHOTO OF THE BOOK. YOUR BOOK IS BRAND NEW FROM THE PUBLISHER, NEVER READ, NEVER SHELVED.

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