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Ignition Coil For 94-2003 Chevrolet S10 2000-2005 Impala Set of 4 For Sale

Ignition Coil For 94-2003 Chevrolet S10 2000-2005 Impala Set of 4

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Free Fast ShippingBoth Ways Free ReturnShipping Lowest PricesGuaranteed Ignition Coil For 94-2003 Chevrolet S10 2000-2005 Impala Set of 4 Description Terms of Use Warranty Coverage Policy Replacement Ignition CoilSET-REPB504602-4 DRIVEWIRE IGNITION COILS Anywhere the road leads you, DriveWire is the pro’s choice for ignition systems. DriveWire ignition coils are quality tested to OES standards to ensure a proper ignition, every time. Features & Benefits: Install with ConfidenceDirect fit guaranteed for plug-and-play installation. Engineered to Restore Proper IgnitionWorking together, the primary and secondary copper coil windings provide high voltage to your spark plugs for uninterrupted, ultimately reliable vehicle operation. Made to LastQuality components and casing materials prevent high voltage leaks and resist extreme temperatures.Each unit comes seal coated to protect against moisture and corrosion. Extended Product LifeWe keep our finger on the pulse of the industry to enhance energy output, electromagnetism, and related efficiencies for enduring performance. Brand New in the Box - Fit and Quality Guaranteed! Configuration 2-Prong Stud Male Terminal; 1 Female Connector Design Coil Pack Design Voltage 12V Quantity sold Set of 4 Product fit Direct Fit Recommended use OE Replacement Interchange part number DR39, 9201005 Prop 65 warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to . Components (4) Ignition Coils Condition New Compatible with the following vehicles: Buick2005-2009 Allure (submodel: CX, CXL)86-2005 Century Custom86-89 Century Estate Wagon86-93,96-2002,2004-2005 Century Limited91-96 Century Special2005 Century Special Edition86 Century T-Type90 Electra Park Avenue Ultra86-87,90 Electra (submodel: Limited, Park Avenue, T-Type)2005-2009 LaCrosse (submodel: CX, CXL)87-91 LeSabre Base87 LeSabre T-Type86-2005 LeSabre (submodel: Custom, Limited)2006-2008 Lucerne (submodel: CX, CXL)91-2005 Park Avenue (submodel: Base, Ultra)90-91 Reatta Base2000 Regal (submodel: GSE, LSE)98 Regal 25th Anniversary Edition89-96 Regal Gran Sport96 Regal Olympic Gold Edition88-96 Regal (submodel: Custom, Limited)97-2004 Regal (submodel: GS, LS)2002-2005 Rendezvous (submodel: CX, CXL)2002-2003,2005 Rendezvous CX Plus2002-2003 Rendezvous CXL Plus95-99 Riviera Base86-87,91-93 Riviera Luxury86-87 Riviera T-Type87 Skyhawk (submodel: Limited, Sport, T-Type) Engine Vin: 187-88 Skyhawk Custom Engine Vin: 188 Skyhawk SE Engine Vin: 189 Skyhawk (submodel: Custom, SE)90-91 Skylark (submodel: Base, Luxury Edition)87-98 Skylark Custom90-97 Skylark Gran Sport87-89,93-97 Skylark Limited96 Skylark Olympic Gold Edition87 Somerset (submodel: Custom, Limited)Cadillac93 Allante (submodel: Base, Indianapolis 500 Pace Car, Value Leader)87-88 Cimarron Base96-99 DeVille (submodel: Base, d'Elegance)94-99 DeVille Concours94-97 Eldorado Base98-99 Eldorado ESC95-99 Eldorado ETC93 Eldorado Sport93-94 Eldorado Touring94-99 Seville SLS93-99 Seville STSChevrolet87-96 Beretta Base89-93 Beretta GT91-93 Beretta GTZ90 Beretta Indianapolis 500 Pace Car94-96 Beretta Z2693-2002 Camaro Base96-97 Camaro RS2002 Cavalier (submodel: Base, LS, LS Sport) Engine Vin: 487-90,95-2001 Cavalier Base87 Cavalier CS95-2001 Cavalier LS87-94,97-99 Cavalier RS88-91,93-94 Cavalier VL87-94 Cavalier Z2487-90 Celebrity (submodel: Base, Eurosport)89 Celebrity CL87 Celebrity Estate87-89,94-96 Corsica Base87-88,90-93 Corsica LT89-90,92 Corsica LTZ90-93,95 Corvette ZR-1 Engine Vin: J94 Corvette ZR-1 Engine VIN: J, Distributorless Ignition2000-2005 Impala (submodel: Base, LS)2003 Impala LS Sport2004-2005 Impala SS94-95 LLV Base93 Lumina (submodel: Base, Euro, Z34) GAS90-92,94-2001 Lumina Base90-92,94 Lumina Euro95-99 Lumina LS97-99 Lumina LTZ91-92,94 Lumina Z3492-96 Lumina APV Base92 Lumina APV CL93-96 Lumina APV LS97-2003 Malibu (submodel: Base, LS)2002 Monte Carlo (submodel: SS 35th Anniversary Edition, SS Dale Earnhardt Signature Edition)2003 Monte Carlo (submodel: LS Competition, LS Sport, SS High Sport, SS Pace Car)99 Monte Carlo Indianapolis 500 Pace Car95-2005 Monte Carlo LS2005 Monte Carlo LT2000-2005 Monte Carlo SS95-99 Monte Carlo Z3494-2003 S10 (submodel: Base, LS)99-2003 S10 Xtreme2000-2003 Venture (submodel: Value, Warner Bros.)2000-2005 Venture (submodel: LT, Plus)97-2000,2002 Venture Base97-2005 Venture LSGMC94-2003 Sonoma (submodel: SL, SLS)94-2001 Sonoma SLEHonda94-95 Passport (submodel: EX, LX)Isuzu96-2000 Hombre (submodel: S, XS)92 Impulse RS91 Impulse RS Turbocharged93-95 Rodeo (submodel: LS, S)92-95 Trooper (submodel: LS, S)95 Trooper Limited93-95 Trooper RSOldsmobile92-99 88 (submodel: Royale, Royale LS)99 88 50th Anniversary Edition95 88 Royale LSS87 98 (submodel: Regency Grande, Regency Touring)86-87,92-94 98 Regency86-87 98 Regency Brougham92-96 98 Regency Elite92-93 98 Touring92-96,98 Achieva S92,94,96-97 Achieva SC92-97 Achieva SL99-2004 Alero (submodel: GL, GLS)99-2003 Alero GX95-99 Aurora Base87 Calais (submodel: Base, GT, Supreme)97-98 Cutlass Base99 Cutlass GL97-99 Cutlass GLS88-91 Cutlass Calais (submodel: Base, GT, SL)89-91 Cutlass Calais S86 Cutlass Ciera (submodel: ES, Holiday)86-88 Cutlass Ciera (submodel: Brougham, LS)88-96 Cutlass Ciera Base86-87,89-90 Cutlass Ciera GT88-90 Cutlass Ciera International86-88,90-94 Cutlass Ciera S86-94 Cutlass Ciera SL89-90,93-94 Cutlass Cruiser Base87 Cutlass Cruiser Brougham88 Cutlass Cruiser Brougham LS87-88 Cutlass Cruiser LS91-94 Cutlass Cruiser S88-92 Cutlass Cruiser SL94 Cutlass Cruiser Special Edition88-97 Cutlass Supreme Base88 Cutlass Supreme Indy 500 Pace Car88-93 Cutlass Supreme International92-94 Cutlass Supreme S88-91,95-97 Cutlass Supreme SL86-88 Delta 88 (submodel: Royale, Royale Brougham)87-88 Firenza (submodel: Base, Cruiser) Engine Vin: 187 Firenza GT87 Firenza LC Engine Vin: 187 Firenza LX Engine Vin: 187 Firenza S Engine Vin: 198-99 Intrigue (submodel: GL, GLS)98 Intrigue Base99 Intrigue GX96-99 LSS Base97-98 Regency Base97-2004 Silhouette (submodel: GL, GLS)92-97 Silhouette Base98-99 Silhouette GS98-2004 Silhouette Premiere91-92 Toronado Base86-87 Toronado Brougham87,91-92 Toronado TrofeoPontiac87-89 6000 (submodel: Base, STE)87-91 6000 LE87-88 6000 SE89-91 6000 Special Edition89 6000 Touring2001-2005 Aztek Base2001 Aztek GT2004-2005 Aztek Rally96-2002 Bonneville (submodel: SE, SSEi) One Coil Fires 2 Cylinders87 Bonneville Base87-88,91 Bonneville LE88,91-95,2003-2005 Bonneville SE2003-2005 Bonneville SLE2000-2002 Bonneville SLE One Coil Fires 2 Cylinders88,91-95 Bonneville SSE96-99 Bonneville SSE One Coil Fires 2 Cylinders92-95,2003 Bonneville SSEi87-88 Fiero (submodel: Sport, Value Leader)87 Fiero SE93-2002 Firebird Base87-88 Grand Am Base92-2005 Grand Am GT2000-2005 Grand Am GT187-91 Grand Am LE87,92-2005 Grand Am SE2000-2004 Grand Am SE12000,2003-2004 Grand Am SE291 Grand Am Value Leader90-93 Grand Prix STE2004 Grand Prix (submodel: GT1, GT2)88-89,96,2005-2008 Grand Prix Base91-93,95-2003,2005-2007 Grand Prix GT92-93,95-2005 Grand Prix GTP88-93 Grand Prix LE90 Grand Prix Mclaren88-2003 Grand Prix SE99-2005 Montana Base91,94 Sunbird LE93 Sunbird LE Value Leader91-94 Sunbird (submodel: GT, SE)95-2001 Sunfire SE2002 Sunfire (submodel: GT, SE) Engine Vin: 489-90 Tempest Base One Coil Fires 2 Cylinders, Canada Emissions87-88 Tempest Base One Coil Fires 2 Cylinders, With Canada Emissions91 Tempest (submodel: Base, LE)92-99 Trans Sport Base98 Trans Sport MontanaShelby99-2000 Series 1 Base

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