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KBD Body Kits Demon 3 Pc Polyurethane Rear Wing Spoiler For Dodge Dart 2013-2016 For Sale
KBD Body Kits Demon 3 Pc Polyurethane Rear Wing Spoiler For Dodge Dart 2013-2016

KBD Body Kits Demon 3 Pc Polyurethane Rear Wing Spoiler For Dodge Dart 2013-2016

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Shipping: Auto Transport Quote Price: $249.00

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Includes: Dodge Dart 2013-2016 Demon Style 3 Piece Polyurethane Rear Wing Spoiler (37-6105)

Auto enthusiasts and hobbyists demand KBD Body Kits Polyurethane automotive body parts when upgrading, modifying, and repairing their car, truck, or SUV. Here's why:
- INCREDIBLE DURABLITY – KBD Body Kits Polyurethane parts are practically unbreakable. Fiberglass and OEM parts can’t compare to the durability and flexibility of our automotive bumpers, body panels and body kits. Cracks, dents, and dings are a worry of the past with KBD Body Kits Polyurethane automotive body parts.
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- EASY INSTALLATION – Body shops love to install KBD Body Kits Polyurethane parts on cars, trucks, and SUVs due to the ease of installation and superior quality. Each part comes ready for prep and paint and is manufactured in the United States to ensure the highest quality control. Basic sanding and priming are all that is needed before paint.
- PERSONALIZED STYLE – KBD Body Kits is an iconic brand that represents some of the hottest styles of parts for your vehicle. From sleek to aggressive, we have 100’s of styles that will fit your tastes. Our parts can be seen on professional drivers’ vehicles all over the world. We take pride in every style we design and – Our body kits, bumpers, sides skirts and larger products are shipped folded. Do not be alarmed that the product is in a folded fashion; the product will return to its original form. We fold most of our products, so they do not need to be shipped by freight. This saves our customers from paying the tremendous freight shipping costs and having to deal with freight shipping inefficiencies.
UNFOLDING – This can be done several different ways. Exposing the product to a heat source is the key to activating the memory agent within the material of the product, allowing the product to return to original form (there will be no stretch marks or lines on the product from the folding when it unfolds). We have found the following options to be best practices when returning a KBD Body Kits product to its original form:
Option 1: Placing the product in the sun. If you are in a location where the temperature outside is relatively warm, then this option will be the easiest. Simply put the product outside in the direct sunlight and wait until the product has been fully formed back to its original shape. Using a hot ground placement for the product (such as asphalt) will help the process go faster. The time it takes for the product to return to its original shape greatly depends on how hot it is outside and how hot the ground is. We found this process to normally take 15-30 minutes, but it can take a few hours if the temperature outside is not as hot.Option 2: A body shop’s heated paint booth. Body shops commonly have heated paint booths, which help in the paint removal process. If your body shop has a heated paint booth, have your body shop place the KBD Body Kits product in the heated paint booth until the product has fully formed back to shape.
It’s cold outside and I don’t have access to a heated paint booth!No problem. We have other solutions just for you. If you have access to a hair blow dryer, heat gun, or hot water - any of these items can help the product return to its shape. Just be careful, because these items can get extremely hot. USE EXTREME CAUTION!
PAINTING – All of our products can be painted or wrapped. A paint guide will be included with your product. Simply have your painter follow the steps. There are two key steps to remember when painting a KBD Body Kits product:
1. The product must be cleaned extremely well before it can be painted. Our products come with a slight “shine” finish. This “shine” is from a silicone-based finishing solution on our product. Nothing sticks to silicone, so this must be wiped off before the product can be painted (we recommend using acetone). You will know the product is ready for paint when the product has no “shine” (it will be a matte black color).2. Our products will flex if you hit something (like a curb). If you want the paint on our product to flex with the product, (and not chip off) then we recommend adding a flex agent to the paint. This is not necessary, but it is nice not to have to repaint your product if you accidently run into something.
- See the paint guide included with your purchase for the complete painting instructions.
WARRANTY – All of our products are designed, tooled, and manufactured in the USA at our facility in Southern California. Every product we make includes a lifetime warranty. If the product breaks for any reason, we will replace it. Please note that our warranty extends only to the original purchaser, and proof of purchase is required for any warranty claim.
FITMENT – All of our products are designed, tooled and injection molded at our facility in the USA. This means that if there is an issue with a product, we can correct it immediately. Since our products are injection molded, each product comes out the same. Because of this, fitment is not normally an issue - most fitment issues we experience are due to problems with the vehicle itself or improper installation. With that said, we are not perfect. We guarantee fitment of our products, and if we determine that there is a problem with our product (which is causing the fitment issue), we will fix the issue and replace the product.

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