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New Genuine Bosch 3421 Premium Spin-On Engine Oil Filter Fast Free Shipping For Sale

New Genuine Bosch 3421 Premium Spin-On Engine Oil Filter Fast Free Shipping

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New Genuine Bosch 3421 Premium Spin-On Engine Oil Filter Fast Free Shipping 3421 Premium Spin-On Engine Oil Filter by Bosch. Premium engine performance requires a premium oil filter. Bosch Premium Oil Filters protect your engine by keeping harmful particles and dirt out, preventing premature wear and engine failure. Premium oil filters not only fit the same way as original OE filters, they utilize an exclusive blend of natural and synthetic materials in the media for superior oil filtration and increased engine protection. * Please review the pictures listed to ensure this is the part you need * * Any fitment data given in this listing is a guideline ONLY, please verify that this part is an exact fit for your specific vehicle and options * Details Non Slip Grip: No Anti-Drainback Valve: Yes Connection Size: 3/4-16" Filter Type: Spin-On Gasket Material: Nitrile MediaType: Cellulose Paper Oil Filter Height (in): 4.74" Relief Valve PSI: 25-35 Removal Nut: No CROSS REFERENCE: AC-DELCO PF56 AC-DELCO PF60 AC-DELCO PF60CL AC-DELCO PF60FCL ADVANCE MACHINE CO. 480704 ALLIS CHALMERS 207976908 ALLOY ABH-963 AMSOIL ASF34 ARCO A0F-64 ATLAS M-46 AUTO EXTRA 61851342 AUTO EXTRA 61851393MP AUTO VALUE 1-2870A AUTOLITE FOR OIL FILTERS AL2870A AUTOPAR FE166 AUTOPRO 2034 AUTOPRO 2342 AUTOWIZE A13 AWARD AOF-64 BALDWIN B178 BALDWIN BT353 BECK/ARNLEY 041-8058 BECK/ARNLEY 041-8140 BECK/ARNLEY 041-8143 BECK/ARNLEY 041-8147 BECK/ARNLEY 041-8161 BECK/ARNLEY 041-8170 BECK/ARNLEY 041-8764 BIG A 92034 BIG A 92342 BLMI GFE-139 BMW 11 42 1 266 773 BMW 11 42 1 707 779 BMW 11 42 9 061 198 BOSCH 3421 BOSCH 72150 BOSCH 72163 BOSCH 72171 BOSCH 72211 BRAVO B64 BRAVO BF252 BRITISH LEYLAND GFE-139 BUMPER TO BUMPER BBO-213 BUMPER TO BUMPER BBO-42 CAM2 C252 CAM2 C4466 CANADIAN TIRE 17-1853-6 CARCARE PARTS IOF2870 CARCARE PARTS OF9083 CARQUEST 85034 CARQUEST 85342 CARQUEST BF252 CARQUEST R85342 CARQUEST R85393 CARQUEST PREMIUM 85342 CARQUEST PREMIUM 85393 CASITE CF213 CASITE CF280 CASITE CF493 CENEX CO414 Certified CPH2870A CHAMP PH561 Champ XL PH561XL CHAMPION OF09 CHRYSLER 3232126 CHRYSLER 3250334 CHRYSLER 5203217 CHRYSLER 72674028 CHRYSLER 8127168 CHRYSLER J3232126 CHRYSLER J3250334 CHRYSLER J8127168 CITGO C252 CLARK 6511793 CLARK 6512491 CO-OP PL-13 CO-OP PL-493 CROSLAND 371 CROSLAND 529/1 CROSLAND 652 CRUISEMASTER 207 CRUISEMASTER 211 CRUISEMASTER 219 DEFENSE DL2870A DELPHI FX1020 DELUXE WD-290 DELUXE WD-342 DELUXE WD-414 DEUTSCH D489 DEUTSCH D603 DEUTZ 1172346 DEUTZ 1174417 DONALDSON P550227 DRIVEWORKS DW-252 DYNALIFE CN-2870 DYNALIFE CN-963B ECONO-LUBE L20252 EVERGARD E252 FACET AUTOMOTIVE 3870 FIAAM FT4760 FILTERS INC. (SEE CARCARE PARTS) OF2870 FILTERS INC. (SEE CARCARE PARTS) OF2957 FIRESTONE TF-3870 FIRESTONE TF-4466 FIRESTONE TF3870 FLAG C-2870 FLEETGUARD LF3499 FLEETGUARD LF3568 FLEETGUARD LF785 FLEETRITE LFR-8785 FLYING F FOR AUTOZONE PH2870AAZ FORD 2735E-6714-B FORD 691M-6714A/A FORD 77BM-6714-AA FORD 77BM-6714-C1A FORD D0RY-6731-A FORD D1PJ-6714-AA FORD D1PZ-6731-A FRAM CORE COR3614ACC FRAM Drive FD2870A FRAM PRO PLUS FPP2870A FRAM PRO SERIES FP2870A FRAM PRO SYNTHETIC FPS2870A FRAM Titanium FS2870A FRAMPRO OIL FILTERS PH2870APRO FVP R1088 GEHL 78852 GEHL 78852 GENERAL MOTORS 19160691 GENERAL MOTORS 19160694 GENERAL MOTORS 7984225 GONHER GP28 GONHER GP28M GOODYEAR 222-4509 GOODYEAR 222-4515 GOODYEAR L3870 GRAND PRIX PH2861 GRAND PRIX PH2891 GRAND PRIX PH561 GREASE MONKEY GM20252 GREASE MONKEY GM3870 GROUP 7 V252 GROUP 7 V64 GUD Z35 GUD Z36 GUD Z77 GUD Z88 GULF GF-207 HASTINGS LF280 HASTINGS LF493 HASTINGS LF493F HAVOLINE TFC-518 HUTCHENS SF-213 HUTCHENS SF64 HYDRA-MAC 4209-146 IAPCO A-0201-006 IAPCO A-0206-001 IAPCO A-0210-004 IAPCO A-0265-002 IAPCO A-0265-007 IAPCO A-0271-001 IAPCO OF10 IAPCO OF71 IAPCO OF75 IAPCO OF90 INGERSOLL RAND 59489583 INGERSOLL RAND 92793223 INSTALLER EDGE AL2870A INSTALLER EDGE AL2870A INTERNATIONAL PARTS SERVICE 4-1003 INTERNATIONAL PARTS SERVICE 4-1007 INTERNATIONAL PARTS SERVICE 4-1096 IPD 10133 IPD 12013 ITM 11-10503 ITM 11-12101 ITM 11-12302 ITM 11-13300 ITM 11-14029 ITM 11-19802 ITM 111-2101 ITM 111-2302 ITM 111-3300 ITM 111-9802 JCB 02/301217 JCB 2/630795A JIFFY LUBE HL2870A JIFFY LUBE JL252 JIFFY LUBE JL4466 JIFFY LUBE JL64 JIFFY LUBE L20252 JIFFY LUBE L24466 K&N FILTERS HP-2005 K&N FILTERS PS-2005 K&N FILTERS SS-2005 KENDALL K16 KERR-MCGEE KM-2870 KMART K-26 KMART MP-26 KNECHT AW29 KNECHT AW3 KNECHT FO-319 KRALINATOR L10 KUBOTA 15152-32091 KUBOTA 15212-32431 KUBOTA 15213-3209 KUBOTA 15213-32091 KUBOTA 15213-32431 KUBOTA 70000-32431 LEE L-42FC LEE LF-213 LEE LF-213FC LEE LF-213HP LEE LF-2861 LEE LF-2861HP LEE LF-64 LOMBARDINI 276217536 LUBER-FINER PH561 LUCAS GIRLING F334 LUCAS GIRLING F3752 LUCAS GIRLING F441 LUCAS GIRLING F5578 LUCAS GIRLING F6457 LUCAS GIRLING F6499 LUCAS GIRLING F6572 LUCAS GIRLING F6617 LUCAS GIRLING F664 MAHLE OC264 MAHLE OC279 MAHLE OC47 MAHLE OC49 MANN & HUMMEL W 719/30 MANN & HUMMEL W7.18O MANN & HUMMEL W7.19/40 MANN & HUMMEL W712 MANN & HUMMEL W718 MANN & HUMMEL W719/15 MANN & HUMMEL W719/30 MANN & HUMMEL W719/4 MANN & HUMMEL W719/5 MANN & HUMMEL W814/99 MANN & HUMMEL W818/98 MANN & HUMMEL W9.20/19O MARATHON MO561 MARATHON PH2861 MARATHON-LETOURNEAU MO561 MARATHON-LETOURNEAU PH2861 MASSEY-FERGUSON 13280185-M91 MASSEY-FERGUSON 3280185-M91 MASTER PARTS PH-227 MASTER PARTS PH-2861 MASTER PARTS PH-561 MECHANIC'S CIRCLE MOF 2870A MICRO F-213 MICROGARD MGL2870A MICROGARD MGL51393 MICROGARD/WIX MGL51393 MIGHTY M2870 MIGHTY M4466 MILEGUARD MO2870A MILEGUARD MO3600 MINIT-LUBE PH2816 MINIT-LUBE PH561 MITSUBISHI J3232126 MITSUBISHI J3250334 MITSUBISHI N152H1010 MOBIL MO252 MOBIL 1 M1-205 MOBIL 1 M1-205A MOPAR L-319 MOPAR L-323 MOPAR L-43 MOPAR L-529 MOPAR L-531 MOTOMASTER MPH2870A MOTORCRAFT FL-13B MOTORCRAFT FL-401 MPA 2011 MPA 4011 NAPA GOLD 1342 NAPA GOLD 1393 NAPA PLATINUM 41393 NAPA PROSELECT 21342 NAPA PROSELECT 21393 NAPA SILVER 31393 NISSAN 15208-H1010 NISSAN 15208-H1011 NSU 512-07-00-509 OE+ OF-1055 OE+ OF-1065 OE+ OF-250 OWATONNA 425-32693 PARTS MASTER 61088 PARTS MASTER 61342 PARTS MASTER 61342BP PARTS MASTER 61393 PARTS MASTER 61393BP PARTS PLUS PH561 PENNZOIL HPZ-12 PENNZOIL PZ-12 PENNZOIL PZ12 PENNZOIL PZ12BP PENTIUS PLB2870A PERFORMAX PO-12 PHILLIPS 66 PO213 PIT STOP PSL16 POWER FLO SL20064 POWER FLO SL20252 PRECISION TUNE OF-123 PRIMEGUARD POF252 PRO GAUGE PGO-252 PRO-TEC 136 PROFESSIONALS CHOICE Q252 PROMATCH 973356 PROMOTIVE PH252 PRONTO PO-252 PRONTO PO-2870A PUREONE (PUROLATOR) PL20064 PUREONE (PUROLATOR) PL20252 PUREZONE 8-51393 PURFLUX LS115 PUROLATOR L20064 PUROLATOR L20252 PUROLATOR PSL20252 PurolatorBOSS PBL20252 PurolatorONE PL20064 PurolatorONE PL20252 QUAKER STATE QS2870A QUAKER STATE QS2870ABLK QUALITY QF213 ROCK HILL 61342 ROKA 1115-10 RUGGERINI 175-22 SAFETY-KLEEN 154 SEARS 45175 SEARS 45187 SEARS 45197 SEARS 45202 SECURITY PH2891 SECURITY PH561 SECURITY SO2861 SELECT 500 L1342 SERVICE 1 OF252 SERVICE PRO M252 SHELL SH518 SHELL SH533 SIEG OS2870A SIERRA 18-7925 SILVERLINE 21342 STP S2870A STP Extended Life S2870AXL SUNOCO O-16 SUNOCO O-5 T.J. FILTERS FB-2066 TARGET SF227K TECALEMIT FB-2066 TOUGH GUARD TG2870A TRUST PH2861 TRUST PH561 ULTRA XG2870A UNIVERSAL 298852 UNOCAL 76 PF227 UNOCAL 76 PF2815 UNOCAL 76 PF561 VALU-TEST 4844 VALU-TEST V2034 VALU-TEST V2342 VALVOLINE VO-15 VALVOLINE VO-15BP VALVOLINE VO-43 VERA 10-00025 VERA 10-00108 VERA 10-00389 VERA 10-01147 VERA 10-01568 VERA 10-50389 VIPER 2870A VM 4-115-064 VOLKSWAGEN 034 115 561A VOLKSWAGEN 035 115 561 VOLKSWAGEN 037 115 561 VOLKSWAGEN 056 115 561 VOLKSWAGEN 056 115 561A VOLKSWAGEN 056 115 561B VOLKSWAGEN 056 115 561C VOLKSWAGEN 056 115 561G VOLKSWAGEN 059 115 561A VOLKSWAGEN 059 115 561B VOLKSWAGEN 059 115 561C VOLKSWAGEN 06A 115 561 VOLKSWAGEN 06A 115 561B VOLKSWAGEN 070 115 561 VOLKSWAGEN 931 107 701 00 VOLVO 1526188 VOLVO 2904941 VOLVO 3608012-5 VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 034 115 561A VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 035 115 561 VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 037 115 561 VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 056 115 561 VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 056 115 561A VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 056 115 561B VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 056 115 561C VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 056 115 561G VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 059 115 561A VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 059 115 561B VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 059 115 561C VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 06A 115 561 VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 06A 115 561B VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 070 115 561 VW-AUDI-PORSCHE 931 107 701 00 WAL-MART WFC-70 WALMI WS-2870 WARNER PH227 WARNER PH2861 WARNER PH561 WAYNE 660296 WESTERBEKE 21235 WESTERN AUTO 74-5883-9 WESTERN AUTO 74-5913-4 WIX 51342 WIX 51346 WIX 51393 WIX 51393XP WM. PENN WP-2870A Additional Information MPN [[ADD-INFO-STRATTEC-PN]] OEM # [[ADD-INFO-OEM-PN]] Other # [[ADD-INFO-OTHER-PN]] Details Please review the pictures listed to ensure this is the exact part you need. We recommend you check with your dealer for exact fitment for your specific vehicle. Notes 100% Customer Satisfaction We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase please do not hesitate to contact us, we will work to resolve any problem. Thank you for shopping with OverstockDirect! Return Policy Our return policy is fairly simple and very up front. If you make an error and buy the wrong item or change your mind, you are responsible for paying for the return shipping costs and may be charged a restock fee that is equivalent to the original shipping cost. Please contact us prior to making a return and we can let you know what the restock fee will be and if it will be charged. Most items can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment in most cases. We cannot accept items that have been installed, used or tried. Returned items must be re-sellable. Please include a copy of the invoice. Items must be returned in their ORIGINAL, OEM PACKAGING that they were received in. We do NOT charge restocking fees for items that are found to be defective. We do NOT charge restocking fees if we shipped you an item that doesn't match the listing Electrical parts are not returnable. Your recommended responsibility on making a return: If you are sending the item within the United States and the order is valued at $100 or more, insure the shipment for the value of the merchandise and ship your return with a signature shipping service. Items valued over $35 must be returned to the OverstockDirect with a trackable shipping service. For items below $35, we suggest USPS delivery confirmation service. If a package doesn't arrive and you don't use a trackable method to return or if you refuse the shipment as a method of return, we may not be able to cover your return. Shipping Items typically ship the same day as ordered but always within 1 business day after the order is placed. Please note that weekends and holidays are not business days.

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