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New Starter For Ford Bronco F150 4.9L 5.0L Lincoln Mark VI 4 Mod II DD 1980-1990 For Sale

New Starter For Ford Bronco F150 4.9L 5.0L Lincoln Mark VI 4 Mod II DD 1980-1990

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Shipping: Auto Transport Quote Price: $69.95

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Home Warranty Shipping Returns Contact Catalogs About us Menu Store Categories Alternators Components Distributors Electronics Motors Sensors Starters Window Lift Regulators Wiper Motors Other Click Thumbnails to Enlarge Product Specifications SPECIFICATIONS: 1.4Kw/12 Volt, CW, 9-Tooth Pinion UNIT TYPE: 4 MOD II DD SERIES: 4 MOD II DESIGN: DD VOLTAGE: 12 KW: 1.4 ROTATION: CW NUMBER OF TEETH: 9 NOTE 1: Also replaces Nos. 3124, 53, 68 FEATURE 1: 100% Top-rated FEATURE 2: Zinc plated field case Interchange Part Numbers Ford: E25F-11001-AA, E25Y-11002-A, E25Z-11002-A, E3AF-11001-AA, E3AZ-11002-A, E4AF-11001-AA, E4DF-11001-BA, E4DZ-11002-B, E4DZ-11002-BRMFord Engineering: RM4U2J11A230BALester: 3180Arrowhead: SFD0015Motorcraft: NSA3180N, SA-734, SA-734-BRM, SA-734A, SA-734B, SA-737, SA734BRMMotorcraft Value Series: SAV-734-BRMAC-Delco: 323-402, 336-1031Advance Auto Parts: 20180038BBB Ind: 3180BBB New: N3180Bosch New: SR549NBosch Remanufactured: SR549XCardone Select: 39-3180NCarquest: 3180SCarquest New: 3180SNCarquest Value: 3180SVTYC: 1-03180Remy Remanufactured: 25402, 97132, P3180J & N Automotive: 410-14010, 410-14010RDelco Remanufactured: 10465094, 10465169, 12332450Delphi: SX1320MPA: 3180MPA New: 3180NNAPA: 244-9227, 244-9227-10NAPA Pro Series: 76078Pep Boys One Year: OY3186Rayloc: 44-9218, 44-9227, 449227Rayloc New: 4N9227Remy New: 97132Wilson: 91-02-5831Wilson New: 91-02-5831NDixie Electric: S-2043Excel: 3180, 3186 COMPATIBILITY CHART 4.9L 4917cc 300cidA.T.FordBronco83-91V8 5.0L 302cidA.T.FordBronco83-84V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidA.T.FordCountry Squire1990V8 5.0L 302cidDD Starter, To Mid 1990FordCountry Squire87-89V8 5.0L 302cidFordE-100 Econoline1983L6 4.9L 4917cc 300cidA.T.FordE-100 Econoline1983V8 5.0L 302cidA.T.FordE-100 Econoline1983V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidA.T.FordE-100 Econoline Club Wagon1983L6 4.9L 4917cc 300cidA.T.FordE-100 Econoline Club Wagon1983V8 5.0L 302cidA.T.FordE-100 Econoline Club Wagon1983V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidA.T.FordE-150 Econoline83-91L6 4.9L 4917cc 300cidA.T.FordE-150 Econoline83-91V8 5.0L 302cidA.T.FordE-150 Econoline83-84V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidA.T.FordE-150 Econoline Club Wagon83-91L6 4.9L 4917cc 300cidA.T.FordE-150 Econoline Club Wagon83-91V8 5.0L 302cidA.T.FordE-150 Econoline Club Wagon83-84V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidA.T.FordE-250 Econoline83-91L6 4.9L 4917cc 300cidA.T.FordE-250 Econoline83-91V8 5.0L 302cidA.T.FordE-250 Econoline83-84V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidA.T.FordE-250 Econoline Club Wagon83-91L6 4.9L 4917cc 300cidA.T.FordE-250 Econoline Club Wagon83-84V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidA.T.FordE-350 Econoline83-91L6 4.9L 4917cc 300cidA.T.FordE-350 Econoline83-84V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidA.T.FordE-350 Econoline Club Wagon83-91L6 4.9L 4917cc 300cidA.T.FordE-350 Econoline Club Wagon83-84V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidA.T.FordF-1001983L6 4.9L 4917cc 300cidA.T.FordF-1001982V6 3.8L 232cidA.T. w/4 Diameter Case StarterFordF-1001983V6 3.8L 232cidA.T.FordF-1001983V8 5.0L 302cidA.T.FordF-15083-91L6 4.9L 4917cc 300cidA.T.FordF-15083-91V8 5.0L 302cidA.T.FordF-15083-84V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidA.T.FordF-25083-91L6 4.9L 4917cc 300cidA.T.FordF-25083-91V8 5.0L 302cidA.T.FordF-25083-84V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidA.T.FordF-35083-91L6 4.9L 4917cc 300cidA.T.FordF-35083-84V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidA.T.FordFairmont1981L6 3.3L 200cidA.T. w/4 Diameter Case StarterFordFairmont82-83L6 3.3L 200cidFordFairmont1980V8 4.2L 255cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterFordFairmont81-82V8 4.2L 255cidFordGranada1981L6 3.3L 200cidA.T. w/4 Diameter Case StarterFordGranada1982L6 3.3L 200cidFordGranada1982V6 3.8L 232cidFordGranada80-81V8 4.2L 255cidFordGranada1980V8 5.0L 302cidA.T. w/4 Diameter Case StarterFordLTD1983L6 3.3L 200cidFordLTD83-86V6 3.8L 232cidFordLTD81-82V8 4.2L 255cidFordLTD1980V8 5.0L 302cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterFordLTD81-86V8 5.0L 302cidFordLTD1980V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterFordLTD81-86V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidFordLTD Crown Victoria1990V8 5.0L 302cidDD Starter, To Mid 1990FordLTD Crown Victoria87-89V8 5.0L 302cidFordLTD Crown Victoria87-91V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidFordMustang1982L6 3.3L 200cidFordMustang83-86V6 3.8L 232cidFordMustang1980V8 4.2L 255cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterFordMustang81-82V8 4.2L 255cidFordMustang82-91V8 5.0L 302cidFordThunderbird1981L6 3.3L 200cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterFordThunderbird1982L6 3.3L 200cidFordThunderbird89-90V6 3.8L 232cidNaturally Aspirated Ford DDFordThunderbird82-88V6 3.8L 232cidFordThunderbird1980V8 4.2L 255cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterFordThunderbird81-82V8 4.2L 255cidFordThunderbird1980V8 5.0L 302cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterFordThunderbird81-88V8 5.0L 302cidLincolnContinental1982V6 3.8L 232cidLincolnContinental1980V8 5.0L 302cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterLincolnContinental82-87V8 5.0L 302cidLincolnContinental1980V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterLincolnMark VI1980V8 5.0L 302cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterLincolnMark VI81-83V8 5.0L 302cidLincolnMark VI1980V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterLincolnMark VII84-89V8 5.0L 302cidLincolnTown Car81-89V8 5.0L 302cidLincolnVersailles1980V8 5.0L 302cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterMercuryCapri1981L6 3.3L 200cidA.T. w/4 Diameter Case StarterMercuryCapri1982L6 3.3L 200cidMercuryCapri83-86V6 3.8L 232cidMercuryCapri1980V8 4.2L 255cidw/4 Diameter Case Starter wMercuryCapri81-82V8 4.2L 255cidMercuryCapri82-86V8 5.0L 302cidMercuryColony Park1990V8 5.0L 302cid1st Prod, DD StarterMercuryColony Park87-89V8 5.0L 302cidMercuryCougar1982L6 3.3L 200cidExc XR-7 ModelsMercuryCougar1981L6 3.3L 200cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterMercuryCougar1990V6 3.8L 232cidNaturally Aspirated Ford DDMercuryCougar1989V6 3.8L 232cidSupercharged Ford DDMercuryCougar82-88V6 3.8L 232cidMercuryCougar1980V8 4.2L 255cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterMercuryCougar81-82V8 4.2L 255cidMercuryCougar1980V8 5.0L 302cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterMercuryCougar81-88V8 5.0L 302cidMercuryGrand Marquis81-82V8 4.2L 255cidVIN DMercuryGrand Marquis1986V8 5.0L 302cidBase; LS VIN FMercuryGrand Marquis1990V8 5.0L 302cidVIN F To 02/1990MercuryGrand Marquis80-89V8 5.0L 302cidVIN FMercuryGrand Marquis80-81V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidVIN GMercuryGrand Marquis1986V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidMercuryMarquis1983L6 3.3L 200cidMercuryMarquis83-86V6 3.8L 232cidMercuryMarquis81-82V8 4.2L 255cidMercuryMarquis1980V8 5.0L 302cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterMercuryMarquis81-82V8 5.0L 302cidMercuryMarquis1980V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterMercuryMarquis1981V8 5.8L 5753cc 351cidMercuryMonarch1980V8 4.2L 255cidMercuryMonarch1980V8 5.0L 302cidA.T. w/4 Diameter Case StarterMercuryZephyr1981L6 3.3L 200cidA.T. w/4 Diameter Case StarterMercuryZephyr82-83L6 3.3L 200cidMercuryZephyr1980V8 4.2L 255cidw/4 Diameter Case StarterMercuryZephyr81-82V8 4.2L 255cid Payment Terms Immediate payment is required during checkout. 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