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Solid State Mopar Limiter IVR4 push-in (B-body, A-body, others) For Sale
Solid State Mopar Limiter IVR4 push-in (B-body, A-body, others)

Solid State Mopar Limiter IVR4 push-in (B-body, A-body, others)

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Real Time Engineering has a new solid state limiter that will replacethe original mechanical limiter on the back of your dash. This new limiter has many advantages over the original limiter, and also has advantages over the linear regulators that hobbyist have been using as well. The biggest advantage is that our limiter doesn\'t have a mechanical set of points and a heater wire that can break and fry your gauges (which is what the original mechanical limiter had). This style limiter is used on most Mopar dashes that have circuit boards with the push in style limiter.. This does not include dashes that have internal limiters in the fuel gauge.
  • Our limiter exactly duplicates the original limiters function by slowly switching 12V on and off.
  • Our limiter has a built in polyfuse which protects the limiter and your wiring from short circuits on the output of the limtier
  • Our limiter constantly looks for short circuits on the output of the limiter and will switch itself off if a short circuit is detected. When the short is removed, then the limiter starts working again.
  • Our limiter has a built in diagnostic LED that blinks when the limiter is on, helping you see that you have power to your dash and thatthe limiter is operating properly.
  • Our limiter has a warm up time at turn on, same as the originalmechanical limiter. This means that your gauges will come up to the proper reading very quickly.
  • Our limiter is always outputting 5VRMS, (the same as the OEM limiter) no matter what the input voltage is (Within the range of 10V to 18V). If theinput voltage goes too high or too low, then the limiter shuts off.

We have a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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RTE also has available limiters that will work in Mustangs and other Ford vehicles, as well as the bolt on style IVR3 limiters, check our other auctions.

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