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Vinyl Decal- Fits Dodge Ram Muscle Diesel Pick Size& Color Car Truck Sticker 4x4 For Sale
Vinyl Decal- Fits Dodge Ram Muscle Diesel Pick Size& Color Car Truck Sticker 4x4

Vinyl Decal- Fits Dodge Ram Muscle Diesel Pick Size& Color Car Truck Sticker 4x4

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Shipping: Auto Transport Quote Price: $3.45

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Fits Dodge RAM

Custom VinylDecal

It Will Be BLACK if you do not add a color in buyers notes

Vinyl Decal Sticker Car Truck Window

You can pick your color via buyer notes at check out

White, Black, Gold, Red, Blue, Silver, Bronze, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Teal, Gray,

this decal is the blackarea shown in picture only. The background area is for contrast purposes only....there is no background includedThe surface you place it on becomes the background

Decals can be placed on windows, body of car, truck, motorcycle, boat, recreation vehicles, laptop's, video game hardware, glass, tile, painted walls

Shipping and Handling isFREEwithin the USA, and ships with in 3 business days from cleared payment. No tracking # provided, if you would like tracking please upgrade to USPS package.Thank you! It is mailed with a stamp. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery by USPS

you can pick your color

•• Decals will be supplied in BLACK unless otherwise specified duringcheckout viaeBaymessage ••

More about Die cut decals:

These are DIE-CUT decals meaning there is no background to them. If there is a background color in the picture it is used only as an example. The background color will be the color of the surface you apply this decal to, or clear if you apply this to a window. These decals come in three pieces:
1. Top layer is transparent layer called transfer tape.(This keeps your decal/sticker together until it is applied)
2. Middle layer is your actual decal.(This is basically sandwiched between your transfer tape and wax backing)
3. Bottom layer is the wax backing.(protects the adhesive until the decal is ready to be applied)
General application TIPS:1. Never apply decals to a extremely hot or cold surface.2. Ideal installation temperatures will be between 60 and 90 degrees.3. Do not touch the adhesive backing your fingers oils will prevent the decal from sticking.
Application Instructions:
1. Rub the sticker to ensure that the transfer tape is adhered to the decal.2. Clean and dry the surface the decal will be applied to. Decals will stick best to a clean, dry and smooth surface.3. Remove the wax backing slowly making sure the sticker stays adhered to the transparent tape.4. Carefully position your decal to the desired area.5. Rub the sticker from one side to the other, getting rid of any air bubbles.6. Use a credit card, squeegee and go over the decal to ensure it has adhered to the desired surface.7. Slowly remove the transfer tape, making sure no part of the decal remains on the transfer tape.8. Check for air bubbles. In most cases air bubbles can be worked out to the edge of the sticker. If you have trouble getting a air bubble out you can simply poke the bubble with a thumb tack or pointy object and pop the bubble

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